The Kenwood Press
News: 09/01/2018

Rising from the ashes – GE’s Road to Recovery wall hanging

By Margie Foster


At the request of the Glen Ellen Village Fair, the Glen Ellen Village Quilters set out to create a wall hanging to help represent recovery from the devastating fires that broke out the evening of the 2017 Village Fair. Our efforts culminated in what we are calling the “Rising From the Ashes” wall hanging.

The piece will be raffled off at the Glen Ellen Village Fair on Oct. 14.

The background fabric for the quilt was chosen as it represented a somewhat hazy, smoky woodland. In it, a burned oak tree survived, and if you look closely, you’ll see it is sprouting small bunches of green leaves, representing resiliency and hope.

A few of our landmark buildings are represented in the little village, not locationally accurate, but loved and recognizable and we are all joyous to see them standing. Included in the village are the Atwood Barn, Beltane Ranch B&B, Oak Hill’s Red Barn, the Bouverie Bell Tower and MFK Fisher’s Last House, the Chauvet Hotel, the Glen Ellen Community Church, the Poppy Building, SDC’s old brick administration building, and, of course, the Glen Ellen Fire Department.

The bottom of the quilt, with its reds and oranges, blacks and greys, depicts flames, smoke, chaos, wind and ash. The borders up the sides and across the top are green, representing hope and regrowth.

The phoenix, rising from the top of the quilt, symbolizes rebirth, renewal and regeneration. According to one internet definition, it is “overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge,” which Glen Ellen certainly is doing and will continue to do into the future.

Creators of this wall hanging are Mary Ann Carr, Margie Foster, Marsha Moran, Deb Pool, and Pamela Wiley.

Raffle tickets for this wall hanging can be obtained by contacting Leslie Vaughn at or 935-9163. Ticket prices are: one for $2; three for $5; seven for $10; 16 for $20; and 45 for $50.

phoenix up close