The Kenwood Press
: 12/15/2013

A Magicianís Story

Donna Colfer

I received an email from a woman who took the Money Type Quiz and wanted to share her surprising insights and interpretation of her relationship with money.

Hi Donna,

Interesting quiz. When I read the descriptions before I took the test I presumed I would fall in the Warrior and Magician categories. I did, and it was interesting to see how I also have a bit of the other archetypes in me as well and how they play out.

Money doesnít seem to be my issue this time around, not that itís easy or abundant all the time. I had a teacher who said, ďThe only thing I know about money is itís better to have it than not.Ē He had a very good point, and he also had money issues.

He also said, ďWhen you get your limits, you get your maturity,Ē meaning if you havenít experienced something, gone through it and come up against it, you know it not. I surmise thatís why money stuff doesnít dog me so much.

Iíve worked since I was twelve. Iíve saved it, spent it, lost it, found it, stolen it, borrowed, gambled, lent, collected, stashed, donated and shared it. I have frittered it away and hoarded it close. Iíve been both foolish and wise, thoughtless and smart with it.

I have put it to good use for myself and for others. Iíve been on welfare and in the top two percent of wage earners in the United States. I have given to others when it was needed, and even when it wasnít.

I have earned it and invested well. I can be stingy in small amounts, generous in large. I have been completely broke, and trusted that somehow what I needed would show up. It was amazing, it always did. Iím not attached to it and appreciate having it. I know how much easier it makes life, and Iím grateful for how it appears in mine.

Catherine S.

Iím impressed with Catherineís ability to contemplate her relationship with money throughout her lifetime. Her combined experiences have left her with a healthy outlook developing into a true Warrior/Magician money type. She truly believes all her needs are always met no matter how much or how little money she has.

How can we truly feel all our needs are always met? It takes faith, love, and patience: this is the ĎMagician.í The Magician is pure consciousness and the ideal Money Type; a combination of the good characteristics of all the Money Types. The Magician is trusting, wise, vibrant, spiritual, generous, loving, fluid, confident, powerful, unattached, open to the flow, and financially balanced. Magicians are willing to claim their own power. Theyíve made peace with their personal history through forgiveness and they have no regrets or resentment. They know how to manifest a positive financial reality by having gratitude every day for what IS working in their lives, and they transform what isnít working.

The Magician consciousness is best served when itís accompanied by the Creator/Artist and Warrior Money Types. The Creator/Artist initiates a passionately inspired life vision that motivates them forward. This is the fire inside that also moves the Warrior into action, creating a plan (the what), a strategy (the how), goal setting, and time management that propels them toward the vision. The Magician brings balance to the action by having faith and patience that when one door closes, another opens up.

Remember, when financial mistakes are made along the way, when you are worried, anxious, fearful, and frustrated, you stop the flow, creating resistance through your emotions. Choose to stay Ďopení to the lesson it brings. This will help you stay out of the negative self-talk and will ease the journey, release the pain, and allow more movement going forward. In turn, life stays open and receptive to more positive experiences instead of punishing you and recreating more of the negative ones. The Magician consciousness is in each of us every moment. The source of power to manifest resides in the ability to tap into this consciousness, where all things are possible.

Know that what you came to give is exactly what the world needs! Move with confidence, ease, and grace and have a Magical holiday season and a happy new year!

What money topics interest you? Email me and Iíll do my best to address your topic here (no names!) and give you resources to help.