The Kenwood Press
: 06/01/2014

Staying aware and awake

Donna Colfer

In understanding how you relate to money, one of the biggest factors to consider is how you unconsciously create resistance through your emotions around money. Some examples of this resistance: fear, resentment, envy, depression, anxiety, guilt, disappointment, anger, criticism, manipulation, rigidity, and the list goes on.

All these emotions around money are common throughout our lives depending on our experiences and money memories. But the key to financial happiness is to become aware and awake in that moment when you tend to fall prey to resistance. When you stop resisting, you open yourself energetically and intentionally to more comfort.

Staying aware and awake and creating more ease and flow often results when you actively notice the “present” moment. Move away from thinking of what “may happen” or what “has happened” in the past. Anxiety is produced by living in the future, depression comes from living in the past, and peace of mind is only experienced in the present moment. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a plan and strategy or goals for your future. Instead, once you create a plan for your vision (the “what” it is you want) and execute the strategy to get there (the “how” you’re going to do it), you can choose to stay present with each step to manifest that vision. Staying present allows more creativity to flow in and out of you, keeping the plan fluid so changes feel comfortable. Changes may come with an unexpected phone call offering you an opportunity you hadn’t anticipated. It might be in complete alignment with what you needed. Or perhaps someone offers skills in collaboration, contributing another valuable aspect to your plan that you hadn’t anticipated.

A couple of years ago, I wanted to revamp my website. It was old and static, and I was expanding. I knew this project was going to cost me at least $2,000 and I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. So I set an intention and became very clear about what I needed. I asked for it through prayer and meditation and kept my mind open to possibilities. In this case, after sending my intention priority mail through the cosmos, I received an answer within 24 hours. I couldn’t believe it! I received a call from a woman who asked if she could rent my office space every month on a morning I wasn’t using it. I agreed, and this gave me the money each month to pay the webmaster’s fee. Staying aware and awake when opportunities cross your path means living in the moment while manifesting your vision.

Here is an example of how to shift emotional resistance:

Identify the negative emotion then name the opposite emotion you want to manifest. For example, “resentment” could have the opposite “letting go.” What are three things you can do to “let go?”

Maybe a step would be to write a forgiveness letter to the person you’re holding resentment toward, but don’t mail it. Or create better boundaries with this person and release any expectations of how they “should be.” Choose your timing wisely when communicating with this person.

Continue to become more aware of other emotions that cause resistance in your life. Write them down and follow the same three steps for each one. Remember to shift behavior, be willing to do something different than you’ve done before to see different results.

Your relationship with money has very little to do with money itself. Instead, it’s more about how you understand your mind and how you create resistance to the “good” coming your way. Your biggest indicators are your emotions. Whether they’re positive or negative will have a huge impact on your success attracting what you need and desire. Feeling grateful every day for what works in your life, and for the people in it, changes everything. Forgiveness heals past wounds on a deep level. These two paths – gratitude and forgiveness – bring you peace of mind, a contented heart, more abundance, a life of ease and flow, and can only be journeyed if you’re aware and awake.