The Kenwood Press
: 11/01/2015

Meltemi Winds blow through the Depot

Robb Hunt

Though more commonly associated with the Aegean breezes that waft their way from northern Greece, our village experienced the warm zephyrs and heady gusts of the Meltemi Winds on Sunday, Oct. 25 when that namesake woodwind quintet performed a program of diverse music at the Depot. At one point, some of our more inspired denizens, unable to restrain themselves, began a Conga line around the room to the strains of Sousa’s Liberty Bell March, as the soaring piccolo and pumping bassoon had all clapping their hands in time.

This followed a program of sublime classical and pops programing that ranged from Joseph Haydn to movie themes from the great MGM films. The ensemble featured Anne Marie Hawkins on flute and piccolo, Marie Vizcaino on oboe, Clark Rosen on clarinet, Keith Loraine on bassoon and Ruth Wilson on French horn. Again, the perfect acoustics of our beloved landmark combined with the superb musicianship thrilled all of us fortunate enough to be in attendance.

On Sunday, Nov. 22, local audiences will have the opportunity to hear the Sonoma Strings performing Vivaldi and Bach as well as Lennon/McCartney and Dave Brubeck in the unique atmosphere of the Depot.

These concerts enhance the cultural ambience of our community while at the same time making perfect use of our historic and iconic train depot. Coffee, wine, beer and pastries are served as well, making these afternoon fetes something you will want to attend on a regular basis.

October at the Depot also featured an informational presentation by Wildlife Fawn Rescue, which was a well-attended fundraising event for this admirable organization that featured educational films and tableaus of bobcats, foxes and other local creatures, and, of course, fawns. Attendees walked away with more knowledge and a greater appreciation of the plight of local wildlife, as well as the heroic efforts to sustain these creatures put forward by Fawn Rescue.

In addition to the November concert, mark your calendar for the Pot Luck Christmas Dinner on Saturday, Dec. 5, to which all are invited. Bring a dish and enjoy great music and bonhomie with the Kenwood Community Club. More details will be available in next month’s column.

Further details about KCC sponsored events and ticket information for the concerts can be viewed at the KCC website,