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Business Beat: 06/01/2017

Business Beat for June 1, 2017

Farmers market returns to Kenwood

The Kenwood Farmers Market is coming to St. Patrick's Episcopal Church on Sunday, June 4, with new hours, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The market will run through September this year, every Sunday, ending Sept. 24. Expect all of your favorite vendors, including Glen Ellen's Two Moon Family Farm, Sonoma's The Patch, and Anna's Seafood with a large variety of fresh fish. New this year are food vendors Big Table Catering Company and Los Che California Paella. St. Patrick's is located at 9000 Sonoma Hwy.

A moving experience

Kinetic sculpture by John Tyler
A kinetic sculpture by John Tyler at Jack London Village in Glen Ellen.

New kinetic sculptures by four artists, Jeff Kahn, Jeffery Laudenslager, Troy Pillow, and John Tyler, are now on display at Glen Ellen's Sculpturesite Gallery and at nearby tasting rooms. John Tyler's work is well known to people who have followed Sculpturesite Gallery (formerly A New Leaf Gallery) for years, as the gallery has represented Tyler's graceful kinetic sculptures for two decades. Influenced by his spectacular, remote setting in the Santa Lucia mountains, he cuts, welds, grinds, machines and threads all the parts he incorporates into his sculptures using solar power.

Kahn's current kinetic sculpture collection, “Unseen Forces,” explores balance and gravity and the way almost imperceptible air currents interact with them.

Laudenslager is a master illusionist. He tricks our minds with ever-changing geometries, and his kinetic works in titanium and stainless steel are animated, yet contemplative.

Pillow's kinetic sculpture designs are influenced by his keen observation of nature: the structure of trees, the outer shapes of leaves, birds, fish, and the human form. Of the four kinetic sculptors in this group, he is the only one who incorporates color, which he painstakingly mixes to serve his purpose - adding a lightness to the work and a pleasing pop to the garden or public space.

Visit Sculpturesite in Glen Ellen to see these sculptures in action. The gallery is located in Jack London Village, 14301 Arnold Dr. or call 933-1300 for more information.

Focus on what matters

Belos Cavalos Equine Ranch in Kenwood will host a one-day, mid-year “power pause” retreat on June 24. This is a chance to step outside of the rat race to gain perspective, insight and wisdom on how to best focus your life force and resources in your work, relationships, health and wealth.

Christine Arylo, transformational teacher, Erica Tom, equine specialist, and a herd of Belos Cavalos horses will guide participants through the full FLOW (Focus Your Life-Force on What Matters) process.

The full-day retreat lasts from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Retreat includes the FLOW wisdom book, experiential equine activities to support the FLOW process with select horses from the herd, body movement and mindfulness practices for accessing intuition, wisdom, focusing; a personalized FLOW mandala; support and guidance during your process; a closing circle and wine tasting on the land. Space is limited to 20 people. Tickets are $288 per person. Belos Cavalos is located at 687 Campagna Road, Kenwood. To sign up, visit, search “Belos Cavalos.”

Orpheus wine dinner

Kenwood's Orpheus Wines is traveling to Sonoma this month, for a special evening of Orpheus wines paired alongside a thoughtfully crafted, seasonal menu at the girl & the fig's Suite D on June 16. Orpheus prides itself on “microbatches and macro flavors.” Handcrafted (and in some cases, foot-stomped) from the finest local grapes, each bottle of Orpheus Wines is itself a rarity, one of as few as 120 bottles made of that varietal. Tickets are $75-$85 and dinner runs 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Visit, search “Orpheus.”

In perfect balance

Balancing barrels
“The Importance of Balance” by Martin Munson

Speaking of wine in Kenwood, Spann Vineyards has installed a new sculpture at its tasting room in the Kenwood shopping center. Owners Peter and Betsy Spann have dubbed the new art piece, created by Sonoma sculptor Martin Munson, “The Importance of Balance.” “It stresses the importance we place on balance between fruit and oak, richness and acidity, flavor and texture that we place on all of our varietal wines and unique blends,” said Peter Spann.

Check it out near the front door (on the north side) of Spann Vineyards at 8910 Sonoma Hwy.

Benson exhibits at Manzanita Creek

Painting of trailers
“Lawson’s Landing” by Robert Benson
Robert Benson is currently exhibiting his artwork at Manzanita Creek Tasting room in the Kenwood Shopping Center, and there will be a June 9 reception from 6 to 8 p.m. In addition to the work on exhibit, for the reception only there will be new unframed pieces, in the “bin” and ready to frame.

Benson will also be participating in Art at the Source Open Studio tour, the first two weekends in June (June 3 and 4, and 10 and 11),10 a.m. to 4 p.m. all four days. He will be in Studio # 67 at 6300 Vine Hill School Road in Sebastopol. Look for the red barn. He will unveil new pieces with the trailers at Lawson's Landing in Dillon Beach as the focus of his most recent series. Benson became fascinated with this community a year and a half ago when visiting there, and finding out that these vintage coaches were forced to move out last July. Benson laughs, “Then I bought and moved into a mobile home in Rincon Valley after living in Kenwood for 15 years! Coincidence?”

For a look at more of Benson's art, go to

Oakmonter pens new book

book cover

Kay Mehl Miller of Oakmont has a new book out, Ring Around Reality: A Novel, the fourth she's written in retirement.

Miller's character-driven work focuses on Diana Lossen's journey into alcoholism. Alcohol itself is a silent but relentless character which Diana barely notices until it has hooked her.

The first book launch event is at Faith Lutheran Church in Santa Rosa (4930 Newanga Ave.), on June 11, 11:30 a.m. Miller will read from her book and lead a discussion on alcoholism. Books are priced at $15 for this event with $5 from each sale donated to the church.

On July 9, Miller will be at the Redwood Writers author launch event at the Flamingo Hotel, 2 to 5 p.m., and on July 18, she will join other authors at the Copperfield Book Store in Montgomery Village at 7 p.m. for a Hot Summer's Night, which includes readings and greetings from several authors.

Miller was a newspaper reporter, public school teacher, and a psychotherapist before moving from Hawaii to Santa Rosa in 1993.

Ring Around Reality: A Novel can be purchased on Amazon.

Celebrate Day of Portugal at Horatius

To celebrate the Day of Portugal - the Portuguese equivalent of 4th of July - Horatius coffee bar and eatery in Jack London Village will be running a special promo of 50 percent off on all bottles of premium Portuguese Vinho Verde or Green Wine during the month of June.

Other wine varietals like reds may be included on Wednesdays. Day of Portugal is celebrated on June 10 and includes not only Portugal but also all Portuguese communities around the world.

The date commemorates the death of national literary icon Luís de Camões on June 10, 1580. Camões wrote “Os Lusíadas” Portugal's epic poem celebrating the memorable 15th century Portuguese historic discoveries and achievements as one of the largest and longest-lived empires in the history of the world, and the first colonial empire ever. The Portuguese Empire existed for almost six centuries from the capture of Ceuta in 1415 to the grant of sovereignty to East Timor in 2002.

Jack London Village is located at 14301 Arnold Dr. in Glen Ellen. For more information about Horatius, go to their Facebook page or call 934-8496.

Tourism rakes in the dough

A recently released report from Visit California shows that the overall tourism economy in Sonoma County grew by 5.7 percent in 2016.

Total direct travel spending in Sonoma County was $1.93 billion for 2016, according to the annual Dean Runyan Associates economic study performed for Visit California, up from $1.82 billion in 2015.

The total number of jobs in the tourism economy also grew by 3.1 percent, with 20,410 jobs now in the tourism sector locally. That equates to more than one in 10 private employer jobs in Sonoma County.

Hospitality jobs are varied in Sonoma County, with tour guides, restaurateurs, and brewery tasting room staff just as likely to interact with a visitor as a hotel front desk clerk. And this doesn't include the supporting businesses needed for the industry, like commercial laundries, farmers, and all types of business services.

“Tourism is an important economic driver for Sonoma County,” said Ken Fischang, recently retired president of Sonoma County Tourism. “We are very pleased that we continue to show a return on our investment in tourism marketing, which translates to local jobs and government revenue.”

There has also been a 5.3 percent increase in collected government revenue in the form of local and state taxes. Currently, tourism in Sonoma County brings in $158.4 million in government revenue. That money is used locally for regional parks, public safety, economic development, agricultural promotion, and arts and cultural festivals, as well as general funds for cities and the county.

According to the report, each household in Sonoma County would pay an additional $820 a year in taxes to make up for the tax revenue attributed to tourism.

According the Sonoma County Economic Development Board's Annual Tourism Report, 91 percent of Sonoma County tourism businesses are locally owned and 82 percent are small businesses, employing fewer than 24 employees.

More information about the tourism economy in Sonoma County can be found at

Family farmers

Registration is now open for Sonoma County Winegrowers' Annual Grower Seminar, Tradeshow & BBQ on Monday, June 12 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For this year's event, guest speaker Dr. Donald J. Jonovic, president of Family Business Management Services will deliver a keynote presentation “Making Sure It All Works: Achieving Success and Succession in a Multi-Generation Family Farm” that will help growers put their ideas and processes into action to ensure they have a successful management and succession planning strategy. Jonovic is an internationally renowned business advisor and expert who has spent more than four decades inside family businesses and farms helping them navigate the unique issues related to management development, growth and ownership transition, and other critical aspects of running a successful farming business in today's economy and changing market dynamics.

Following his keynote presentation, Jonovic will be joined on stage for a panel discussion with estate design professionals from the fields of law and accounting whose purpose will be two-fold: to serve as examples of what “good” advice looks like and to lay out the full spectrum of options available for solving what are often very complicated planning challenges.

In addition, the Grower BBQ will also include an update from Winegrowers President Karissa Kruse on key Sonoma County Winegrowers' marketing activities, sustainability initiatives, plus the annual Viticulture Award of Excellence, and lunch with wine.

The Grower BBQ will be held at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek. RSVP at