The Kenwood Press
Publishers' Corner: 08/15/2017

Up, Up, Upbeat

Alec Peters

Every so often we get a note from someone wishing we did more pleasant, upbeat stories. Honestly, I don't think we're all doom and gloom, and that we have plenty of fun stuff in the paper, but I understand the sentiment. You get afraid to open the paper every day, or turn on the news. Everything seems to be a conflict, adding to your daily stress level as you polish off your second bag of Fritos.

We like good news too, and we try our best to look for it, especially if the bad news is something we'd rather not believe. Our older son is about to be married here in Kenwood and we are scouring the weather sites on the Internet to check the forecast for the wedding day. One site said 10 percent chance of precipitation; so did another. Well, that just wouldn't do, so we looked around some more until we finally found a forecast with zero chance of precipitation. Good news. Who cares what the actual weather is, as long as someone tells us what we want to hear!

So in the spirit of lowering blood pressure everywhere, let's try an experiment with these first paragraphs of some good news articles.

Kenwood, CA, Aug. 9 - Matilda Golic of Misbro Way in Kenwood reported that Buddy, her eight-year-old Golden Retriever, had just finished his dinner. “Ate every bite,” said Mrs. Golic. “Now he's taking a nap. He's such a good dog.”

Oakmont, CA, Aug. 10 - Simon Butler just completed a collection of Pez dispensers he's been working on for decades. Butler spent $500 to buy a Howdy Doody Pez dispenser, completing his set of famous ventriloquist dummies of the 20th century. “Thank God that's over with,” said his wife, Mary. “I'm changing our eBay password right now.”

Glen Ellen, CA, Aug. 11 - Glen Ellen residents held a party in Mayflower Hall to celebrate a whole month of the townsfolk not having to call in a complaint about loud screaming and partying at a vacation rental on Gibson. “It's weird,” said one neighbor. “I don't know what to do with myself on the weekend - I'm usually on the phone with the sheriff.”

Kenwood, CA, Aug. 8 - Jay Gamel of the Kenwood Press got a call from his doctor saying he was going to live at least another day. Jay soaked in the good news with ice cream and chocolate cake from the Kenwood Market. His colleagues shook their heads and stuck a bag of carrots into his man-bag.

Well, how do you feel now? How about good! Good news begets good feelings begets good times begets - you get the picture. And don't forget to have a good day!

- Alec