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Letters to the Editor: 09/01/2017

Letters to the Editor

Be courteous to OVA board

Dear Editor,

It requires time, talent, and dedication to serve as a volunteer member of any board of directors and the newly elected Oakmont (OVA) Board faces unprecedented challenges.

As a member of this community, I have been appalled at the conduct, language, profanity, cultural slurs, and personal attacks aimed at individual board members at a number of the most recent board meetings. Board meetings are meant to run in an orderly fashion to accomplish the business of the association. Rules of parliamentary procedure were created for that purpose.

The tyranny of this small contingent of hostile and intrusive individuals that thrives on upset forced the board to appoint a Sergeant-at-Arms, to ensure that OVA business can move forward in a productive manner.

According to Davis-Sterling, only members of the OVA have the right to speak during the Open Forum that is dues-paying homeowners and it is improper for any audience member, either an OVA member or an individual who rents in Oakmont, to disrupt the meeting by intruding on a presentation or disturbing a board member or staff by speaking to either individually, as happened at the Aug. 7 meeting (see, start at 2:21:43). This type of behavior is not only an impropriety, but prevents the board and staff from obtaining critical information that is being presented.

It is up to each of us, as individuals, to

  • examine our motives and actions;

  • not abuse any position or office with a club, to further a personal or political agenda;

  • and act in ways that will produce cooperation and courtesy.

Finally after three years, Oakmont has a board of directors that truly listens to the community they represent and which elected them. They deserve courtesy , respect, and support as our OVA elected officials. I, for one, support the extraordinary efforts and results that this new board have accomplished to date and to which they continue to strive. It is my sincere hope that those who made the commitment to support whoever was elected will begin to do so.

Kerry Oswald