The Kenwood Press
News: 09/15/2017

Pictures with the Press 2017

And the winners are...

First Place

man laying on rock
Greg Guerrazzi of Glen Ellen found a nice place for a nap in the Grand Canyon. We love the composition and the colors of this picture, and of course, he put the KP to good use, too!

Second Place

a very messy room
This photo really captures the spirit of the contest. The KP just has to be somewhere in the picture, and we appreciate the “Where’s Waldo?” quality of this one. Jim Sandler snapped it after walking into his teenage daughter’s room and being temporarily awestruck by the mess
(his words, not ours!)

Third Place

woman reads paper while her son and husband point at the sun
Jerry, Chris and Max Cook anticipate totality on Aug. 21 in Prineville, Oregon.
Or at least Jerry and Max do!

Honorable Mentions

cat reads newspaper
Carolyn Verheyen’s cat, Chortle, won third prize in this very photo contest back in 2014. He was quite pleased to see his picture appear again in the KP, in an ad for this year’s photo contest. And according to Carolyn, when he saw himself he gave a little chortle!

couple holds the press
John Tan and his fiancée Janet took a trip to the Galapagos Islands in June, and made sure they packed their trusty KP for the hike up this slippery ground lava hill.

couple holds the press
Rich Gibson of El Verano had to hold onto his favorite newspaper in the dusty, windswept Colorado Desert, part of the Sonoran Desert.

dad and daughter on a yellow bike
Last summer Paisha and Janet Jorgensen took a bike tour through the Netherlands with their daughter Arielle Breeze. Here Paisha and Arielle take a little break to catch up on the news from home.

cartoon miner in a bathtub
Cleaning up miner-style! Linda Hale sent this photo while on a long road trip through Canada.

black lab sits at table
Robin and Scott Lane’s family dog, Finley, enjoys reading the KP while drinking out of his favorite Warriors water bottle. Finley is a huge Warriors fan!

woman holds press
Chuck and Sallie Wood had fun with this “fun house” mirror in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The park dates from the 1800s and was an inspiration for Walt Disney.

woman holds press in front of huge fake bull
While driving through Montana on the way to visit friends, Julie Atwood made her husband Tom pull over and take this picture in Clearwater Junction. That’s a whole lotta bull, Julie!

couple on cruise
Betsy and Peter Spann, owners of Spann Vineyards, did some “research” in front of the Hermitage vineyard along the Rhône River in southern France.

old woman surrounded by a group holds press
Back in January, Susan and Agustin Reiter (back) visited Emma Morano in Pallanza, Italy, and shared the KP with her. At the time, Emma was the oldest living person on earth. She died on April 15, 2017.

family with vista behind them
Griffin Hill (left), with parents Bruce Goldstein and Vicki Hill, at the top of Dawson Pass in Two Medicine Valley, on the east side of Glacier National Park, Montana. The photo was taken on the one of the few clear days of their trip, as much of the state was on fire (including several fires inside Glacier National Park.)

point of view of man fishing in kayak
Rich Randolph caught up on the local news while fishing in East Lake, Oregon.

woman in front of statue
Greetings from Wittenberg! Miriam Casey with the KP in front of a statue of Martin Luther in the Wittenberg market square.

group of people pretending to save someone falling off cliff
Gabe Rapozo (left) came dangerously close to becoming another headline in the Kenwood Press before Alice, Caleb, and Sandy Horowitz, Siena, Gemma, and Mary Guerrazzi saved him from falling into the Grand Canyon earlier this summer.

couple with outside stage behind them
Eliska and Randy Meyers enjoyed some beautiful music in Ravello, Italy, attending a cliffside music festival, but they still couldn’t get the Kenwood Press off their minds. What a beautiful view!

man stands in front of glacier
John Roney, park manager at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, reads the KP near Kachemak Bay, Alaska, with the 13-mile-long Grewingk Glacier in the background.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Pictures with the Press! If your photo didn't make this special insert, look for it in our Oct. 1 issue.