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Letters to the Editor: 09/15/2017

Letters to the Editor

If you plant it, they will come

Dear Editor,

The article The Miracle of Monarchs (Sept. 1 Kenwood Press), written by Katrina Aimo, Swede’s Feeds, is excellent and necessary. This is vital information each resident must know and understand. So many species of wildlife have become extinct due to human-related hazards. We must take heed and value all information so important to their welfare.

Katrina knows her subject well and has generously taken steps to spread the word that it is not too late to save these gorgeous, priceless monarch butterflies. Each species needs the help of those who can teach us if we will just listen. Care enough to listen and to become involved. Act now and know the joy of bringing these magnificent creatures back to a safe existence.

It is not surprising to know Swede’s Feeds owners Aspen Mayers and Mike Scheffer have shared their store property for this life-saving project to thrive. Check it out.

My daughter lives in Tennessee. Over the years she has made her property into an official State Wildlife Preserve. She has a butterfly garden well stocked with milkweed plants. The monarchs are beginning to return each year in abundance. It works.

As Katrina says, “If you plant it, they will come!”

Marjorie Davis