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Obituaries: 01/15/2018

Linda Louise Guffanti, 1948-2018

woman smiling

Linda Louise Guffanti died unexpectedly on January 1, 2018, at her home in Washington State. She was 69 years old. Linda had strong family ties to Kenwood, worked as a bookkeeper at Palooza, and had just recently relocated to Washington to be closer to her daughter.

The unexpected death of our sister has left us pretty stunned. Much too much of what could have been her life now remains unlived.

Linda had only moved to Washington in October of last year, though she had been planning to for a while. She was looking forward to spending time with her daughter, Molly, who had moved to McCleary with her husband, Ryan Karl.

If you knew anything about Linda, you would know that she had a huge heart. She had a strong sense of the importance of family. Her absence in our lives will be profound. Linda was... a presence. We will remember her every time we play Scrabble or do a crossword puzzle. We will think of her whenever we hear a show tune or see a ginkgo leaf. Fans will remind us of her. We will see a funky trinket or antique inkwell or calligraphy nib and think how much she would love it. Kliban cats and bad puns will bring her to mind.

And when we can’t remember the name of that little indentation over the center of your upper lip, we will miss her all the more. She had a mischievous streak, and we all have stories of times spent with her that made us laugh and smile. She loved word play and had an incredible curiosity for learning new words and languages. Her musical Tourette’s, resulting in an outbreak of some show tune, often horrified us, and she could bore you to tears discussing some sewing project, but those annoyances now just endear her to us. She was fun. She was smart. She was clever and artistic. She was our sister and we loved her.

And, by the way, that indentation centered above your lip is called a philtrum. I had to look it up. She would have just known it. That was Linda. We will miss her.

Born on August 6, 1948, Linda is predeceased by her parents, Col. Albert D. and Helen M. Guffanti of Kenwood, and sister Margaret Bushey of Chico. She is survived by her daughter Molly Guffanti (Ryan Karl) of McCleary, Washington; sisters Marianne Guffanti (Frank Ferrari) of Portland, Oregon and Carole Guffanti Notley of Sebastopol, and her brother, Robert Guffanti of Santa Rosa, along with numerous nieces, nephews and great nieces/nephews. A celebration of her life will be held at the Kenwood Depot on a date to be determined in February. 

For further details, you may contact Carole Guffanti Notley at 978-9503.