The Kenwood Press
News: 02/01/2018

Kenwood history project needs you

Jay Gamel

I have the privilege of extending Dallyce Sand’s excellent local history, Kenwood, Yesterday and Today to the present time, a project I very much look forward to undertaking. Unfortunately, the prior book materials along with all new materials that Dee had gathered since her book was published, were destroyed when the October firestorm devastated so many parts of our valley, including Dee’s home.

I am asking people who have lived in the valley for generations or years or long enough to have collected mementos, to share their photographs, clippings and other historical documents with me, as well as let me know what should be included in a survey of Kenwood’s history, from its founding in the 1880s to the present.

Kenwood, Yesterday and Today included Kenwood’s history from 1880 to 1980, with the second printing, a Centennial edition, published in 1988.

There will soon be a website to help accommodate digital submissions, but I look forward to speaking directly with many people and learning more about the history of this unique and beautiful environment.

Please call me at 833-5306 or send an email to if you can contribute. I will digitize all records and quickly return them.