The Kenwood Press
News: 03/01/2018

New trophy case for Kenwood School

trophy case at kenwood school

Kenwood School teacher John Magnoli (left) and sixth-grader Gabby Tonelli with the school’s Lego Robotics Team trophies on display. Photo by Chris Tonelli
After last year’s stellar performance by John Magnoli’s Lego Robotics Team, the parents of the team pitched in and purchased a trophy case for all of the trophies that Mr. Magnoli’s teams have been awarded over the past few years. Most of these trophies were awarded in the 2017 school year. This is Kenwood School’s first trophy case ever. Mr. Magnoli and his team set the bar pretty high with last year’s domination of the Sonoma County Lego Robotics Competition and everyone is looking forward to seeing what they can pull off this year on May 5!

– Mario Azevedo