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Meditation classes at the Kenwood Depot Kenwood Depot

Tuesday March 22nd - 6:30pm

Meditation classes will soon start at the Kenwood Depot, with both beginner and experienced meditators welcome.

This will be a five-week series on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., from March 22 to April 19.

Practice leader Diane Moore will offer mediation instruction using a simple Zen awareness practice. The following qualities will be reviewed:

Stillness: learning how to settle down in mind and body

Perseverance: learning to stay with all the ups and downs of our lives

Clear seeing: seeing through our conditioned beliefs and strategies

Willingness: learning to acknowledge and embrace whatever life presents including anger, fear, and confusion, as an opportunity to learn

Loving kindness: learning to awaken to the loving kindness that is the nature of our being

To reserve space, please email or call 529-0257. Registration is free. Donations toward cost of space rental are welcome.