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Zen Center hosts rites of passage for pre-teens Oct. 28-30 Sonoma Mountain Zen Center

Friday October 28th -

Around age 8 to 10, children begin the developmental stage of becoming more independent and more self-aware. During this time of transition, it’s important for communities and adults to honor and support this natural growth. This year, Sonoma Mountain Zen Center (SMZC) will host a special three-day “Rites of Passage” retreat specifically for 8 to 10 year olds, Oct. 28-30. During the retreat, children are formally introduced to several contemplative practices such as meditation, ikebana (contemplative flower arranging), and kyudo (contemplative archery).

During the retreat, parents will spend time practicing meditation and connecting with each other. Supporting children in cultivating mindful disciplines helps them to take responsibility for their own minds and hearts and thus become more confident, generous, compassionate, and awake. Coming together as a community to support life’s natural transitions strengthens our own communal resiliency and our ability to nurture joy in each other’s being.

You do not need to be of any particular tradition or spiritual background to take part in this program. SMZC welcomes children and families of all religions, traditions, and cultures. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Each family member who plans to attend must register. Cost is $160 per person for room and board, plus $150 for adult tuition or $200 for child tuition. Questions? Contact Leslie Gossett, More information is available on the event posting at

Sonoma Mountain Zen Center is located at 6367 Sonoma Mountain Rd.