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Historical society looks at GE’s unique past Glen Ellen Community Church

Saturday August 18th - 2:00pm

On Aug. 18, The Glen Ellen Historical Society (GEHS) presents “The True History of Glen Ellen: From the Remarkable People of Its Origin to the Maverick Nonconformists of Today.”

Society member Jim Shere will lead a presentation and discussion of Glen Ellen history, including the world of the Native Americans up until 1823; the California period covering two decades of Mexican rule until the Bear Flag Revolt; the pioneers who purchased smaller ranches from the original land grants; the so-called “settlers” that came soon afterward to farm the ranches; the new century, ushered in by the railroads and flourishing agriculture and tourist industries; and finally the modern times that started in the 1960s. The event promises to dispel some cherished beliefs about Glen Ellen history – and divulge some little-known facts.

The presentation starts at 2 p.m., Aug. 18, in Mayflower Hall of the Glen Ellen Community Church, 5311 O’Donnell Lane. Admission is free, although donations and membership in the Glen Ellen Historical Society are encouraged.

Annual membership for students and seniors (designed for those on a fixed income, or who carry student loans that limit the budget) is $20, while regular or family membership (for the rest of us, whether we live alone or in a household) is $30. There are higher echelons for those interested in making a greater impact upon local history. Community members are encouraged to volunteer in a few capacities – particularly as webmaster and/or bookkeeper. There is also room on the historical society’s board of directors. The GEHS has also unveiled its new website – check it out at