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Bouverie Audubon Preserve

Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen, CA - (707) 938-4554
Directions to Bouverie Preserve

Past Events

Sat Sep 9th 2017 Day hike at Bouverie Preserve
Fri Sep 8th 2017 Dusk hike at Bouverie Preserve
Wed Aug 16th 2017 Bouverie docent orientation, recruitment hike
Fri Jul 28th 2017 Bouverie twilight hike
Fri Jun 2nd 2017 Bouverie Preserve twilight hike
Sat Feb 4th 2017 Guided nature walks at Bouverie Preserve
Sat Jun 20th 2015 Bouverie Preserve Open House
Sat May 16th 2015 Learn about becoming a docent at Bouverie Preserve
Sat Mar 28th 2015 Walk on the wild(flower) side
Sat Feb 28th 2015 Bouverie to host public nature walk
Sat Dec 13th 2014 Holiday naturalist program
Fri Oct 31st 2014 Halloween at Bouverie Preserve
Sat Oct 25th 2014 Fall nature walks at Bouverie in Glen Ellen
Sun May 18th 2014 Art of Eating benefit at Bouverie Preserve
Sat Apr 26th 2014 Guided nature walk at Bouverie
Sat Apr 19th 2014 Guided walks offer glimpse of Bouverie’s treasures
Sat Apr 12th 2014 Guided walks offer glimpse of Bouverie’s treasures
Sat Mar 29th 2014 Spring flowers at Bouverie
Sat Feb 1st 2014 Nature walk at Bouverie Preserve
Sat Nov 16th 2013 Bouverie Preserve presents “Autumn Leaves in Colored Pencil”
Sat Oct 26th 2013 Bouverie Guided Nature Walk
Sat Oct 12th 2013 Bouverie guided nature walks
Wed Aug 14th 2013 Bouverie docent information meeting
Sat Jun 29th 2013 Bouverie Preserve seeks new volunteer docents
Sun Jun 2nd 2013 “Art of Eating” returns to Bouverie
Sat Apr 6th 2013 Wildflower Class
Sat Apr 6th 2013 Bouverie wildflower program
Sat Mar 23rd 2013 Bouverie offers guided nature walks
Sat Mar 9th 2013 Bouverie offers guided nature walks
Sat Dec 1st 2012 Guided nature walks at Bouverie Preserve
Sat Nov 17th 2012 Guided nature walks at Bouverie Preserve
Sat Oct 13th 2012 Backyard Naturalist Program highlights native oaks
Sat Sep 15th 2012 Community Open House at Bouverie
Sun Jun 3rd 2012 2nd Annual Art of Eating
Sat Apr 7th 2012 Learn about wildflowers at Bouverie
Sat Jan 7th 2012 Fabulous Fungi at Bouverie
Sat Oct 8th 2011 Bouverie event - Biomimicry
Wed Jun 15th 2011 Bouverie volunteer training
Sat May 14th 2011 MFK Fisher event
Sat Apr 2nd 2011 Bouverie wildflower class
Sat Feb 26th 2011 Bouverie Preserve hosts mushroom workshop
Sat Aug 28th 2010 Bouverie open house
Sat Jun 5th 2010 Bee seminar
Sat Apr 10th 2010 Bouverie - Backyard Naturalist Program
Sat Apr 10th 2010 Bouverie - Backyard Naturalist Program
Sat Mar 27th 2010 Bouverie spring backyard naturalist program
Sat Mar 27th 2010 Bouverie - Backyard Naturalist Program
Sat Feb 27th 2010 Bouverie Habitat Restoration Day
Sat Oct 31st 2009 Spider Safari
Sat Feb 28th 2009 Bouverie Preserve grassland restoration workday

Community Calendar

Rotary Club of Glen Ellen Kenwood meeting
Volunteer training for Jack London and Sugarloaf parks
Santa Rosa Youth Symphony groups return to Oakmont
Oakmont Sunday Symposium
Sonoma Speaker Series features journalist Keller
OVA, Golf Club Town Hall
The right to privacy topic at SIR #53
Hiking for Fitness series starts
Fawn Rescue Benefit Luncheon
Free kids hike to ancient redwood
Sonoma County Trails Council work day