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News: 03/01/2019

Springs MAC underway

After many years in the works, the Springs Municipal Advisory Council (Springs MAC), approved by the Board of Supervisors last December, is getting ready to form.

The Springs MAC will provide a direct forum for communication between local residents and businesses in the Springs, the county and First District Supervisor Susan Gorin.

Supervisor Gorin, Rich Lee, Cathy Wade Shepherd and Gary Saperstein nominated seven people from 21 applications. The following seven candidates received four votes each in the first round of voting for a unanimous selection:

Maite Iturri, representing schools and El Verano (two-year seat)

Ryan Lely, representing Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission and Boyes Hot Springs (two-year seat)

Omar Paz, representing businesses/nonprofits and Boyes Hot Springs (three-year seat)

Ellen Conlan, at large, representing Fetters/Agua Caliente (three-year seat)

Avram Goldman, at large representing Fetters/Agua Caliente (three-year seat)

Iris Lombard, at large representing Boyes Hot Springs (two-year seat)

Raymond Willett, at large representing Fetters/Agua Caliente (three-year seat)

Alternates are Robyn Anderson (representing Fetters/Agua Caliente, three-year seat); and John Wheatley (representing El Verano, two-year seat). They will sit in meetings, be allowed to ask questions and participate in discussion. Alternates will only vote if an at large council member is absent.

“We are so grateful to those individuals who submitted applications,” said Gorin. “Our hope is that those not selected to serve formally on the Springs MAC will stay engaged and serve on a subcommittee of the Springs MAC.”

The nominees must be approved by a majority of the Board of Supervisors. If all goes well, they will receive training in the Ralph M. Brown Act and Conflicts of Interest, and be required to file a Statement of Economic Interests. The Springs MAC will begin regular meetings in early Spring 2019.

For more information, contact Supervisor Gorin's office at 565-2241.

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