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News: 11/15/2009

Scary Kenwood house wins the prize

Julie Hanover holds the trophy she and her family won for their Halloween House of Horror.

October, 2009, was the second attempt to kick some life into Deadwood (Kenwood) with the Annual Halloween Decorated Home Contest. This competition will continue to grow, so start planning for next year.

Last yearís winner, Barbara Greenup, passed the trophy to the Hanover House of Horror in the 8200 block of Sonoma Highway. Julie and Keith Hanoverís home actually featured a full torture chamber. I havenít seen anything like this before except in Hollywood. Second place went to Barbara Greenup on Randolph Ave., and third place went to the Halkovich crypt on Misbro Way (nice touch with the fog).

It was great to see all the energy people put in to liven up the holiday. Honorable mention goes to the scary yard on Griswold Ave.

Special thanks to the Kenwood Press for putting the word out about the contest, to Nancy Chimsky and Tren Bender for their help, the mysterious teenage judges who picked the winners, and to Greg Hofland of Antique Boutique (4988 Sonoma Highway in Santa Rosa) for donating the prizes.

For all of you who stayed home and watched TV on Halloween, I was the dead body that fell out of the tree in Friday the 13th, Part 7. See all you ghouls next year!

Ė Jeannie Malahni

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