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Village Chat: 03/15/2010

Village Chat for March 15, 2010

We couldn’t resist this picture of James Cannard and his miniature horse, Peanut Butter. They stopped by the office the other day. It was that kind of week, though. The next day, we went to lunch at Café Citti and as we were walking up to the building we heard a distinctive “maaa” sound. Turns out a goat kid had wandered over to the restaurant from its Shaw Ave. home and was staring in the front window. Darian at the restaurant corralled the kid and put him on the patio for safe-keeping. Meanwhile, half the farmers in town just happened to be nearby, and soon James Cannard, Chuy Ordaz, Ken Uboldi and Aspen Mayers were conferring out front. However, the goat belonged to none of them, and soon enough, owner Roger showed up to reclaim his livestock. Just as he was leaving, holding young #66 in his arms, a well-dressed group of tourists came in, looking more than a little perplexed. It sounds like the start of a joke, “A goat walks into a restaurant…”

Peanut Butter and James Cannard stopped by the KP office (above) while this goat stopped by Cafe Citti (below).

On another sort-of animal-related note, Glen Ellen sculptor Bryan Tedrick was in front of the Kenwood Shopping Center last week swapping out his mountain lion, which was recently sold, for the bull that is now standing there, facing Highway 12. Tedrick is a well-known artist and his “Portal of Evolution” was a prominent installation at last year’s Burning Man. He hopes to create an even larger sculpture for this year’s event, which has the theme “Metropolis.” We’ll keep you posted.

Artist Bryan Tedrick moves his Bull into place in front of the Kenwood Shopping Center.

Congratulations to Michaella Madix and Erin Wilson, Jr. on their engagement. Michaella grew up in Kenwood and is the daughter of Barbara Slatkin and stepdaughter of Tony Felton. Michaella went to Kenwood School, Maria Carrillo High School, and is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara. Erin grew up in Chino. Michaella and Erin met and dated while they both attended UC Santa Barbara, but went their separate ways before graduating. In 2008, their paths crossed again and their romance was rekindled. The love and friendship that grew from their reunion made it clear to them both that they were truly meant for each other. They currently reside in Santa Monica. Michaella is a Project Manager at an advertising agency in Orange County and Erin is a Recruitment Professional and Sales Manager in Los Angeles. Their wedding date is set for May 15 in Santa Barbara.

Michaella Madix and fiancé Erin Wilson, Jr.

And speaking of love…the Big Heart Luncheon on March 2 was the usual love-fest for our community. Honoring Frank Podesta, Jane and John Rector, and the Kenwood Community Club, it was a joint production by the Kenwood Education Foundation and the Oakmont Kiwanis Club to benefit Kenwood School, and was held at Oakmont’s Berger Center. All the honorees were humble (and loveable!), and John Rector said it best when he described how important it is for children to get the right foundation in grade school so that they can be successful in high school and beyond, which is just what happens around here. The kids, of course, stole the show. The Kenwood School Primo Choir, under the direction of Karen Haslag, sang four songs, complete with white gloves for the girls and choreographed hand movements. The audience ate it up. At one point Renata Amantite turned to me and said, “Now I remember why I love this event so much!”

Kenwood School’s Primo Choir entertained the crowd at the Big Hearts Luncheon.

Another very successful and fun event was the Kenwood Firemen’s Association Crab Feed in February. Held at the Fire Department, it was a sold-out feast of all-you-can-eat crab, salad and garlic bread, and raised over $10,000. This is an annual event always held on the second Saturday in February, so if you are a long-range planner, mark your calendar for 2011. And next year let’s hope people buy their tickets further in advance and make it easier on the cooks!

Hap and Nancy Miller enjoyed themselves at the KFA Crab Feed last month.

Looking forward to the next opportunity to eat and drink with your friends and neighbors, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church is holding its St. Patrick’s Day Dinner next weekend, on Saturday, March 20, 6 p.m. These Episcopalians really know how to make delicious corned beef and cabbage, along with lots of potatoes and carrots, salad, and dessert. There will be a turkey alternative for those who don’t eat red meat, but I say go for the corned beef, especially when it’s dipped in St. Patrick’ signature mustard sauce. Yum! Tickets are $15 for adults, $6 for children, and you can get them by calling 833-4228. They would, of course, appreciate it if you buy your tickets in advance so that it’s easier to judge quantities. However, tickets will be sold at the door, too.

Easter is around the corner, and the Kenwood 4-H and Kenwood Fire Department will be holding their annual Easter Egg Hunt at Plaza Park on Saturday, April 3, starting at 9 a.m. sharp! This is for kids up through fifth grade. Come early, because even with 120-dozen or so eggs, it goes amazingly quickly. Mark your calendar!

Local mom and realtor (Pacific Union/Christie’s) Tara Conrow is planning ahead. An avid gardener, she wants to have a seedling/cutting/division exchange on May 1st in her driveway on Jessie Street. Tara encourages all local gardeners from Oakmont to Glen Ellen to start some extra plants to bring to the exchange. Everything will be free and it will be a nice way for people to get a wider variety of veggies and plants for their spring and summer gardens. Questions, please call Tara’s cell at 415-309-0242. This is a great idea. Last year our KP proofreader, Loralee Wellington, brought me a large clump of canna lilies, and I ended up with the most beautiful fiery red bed of flowers last summer, all for free. It was a wonderful gift, and I encourage you to do the same!

We’ve heard from a lot of people who have been traveling near and far. Marlene and Mike Higgins of Oakmont sent in this picture from the Visitor Center near the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. They said it was too cold at that altitude for standard Hawaii beachwear and too windy to open up a copy of the Kenwood Press. Marlene and Mike were fortunate to fly back from Kona, Hawaii, the day before the earthquake in Chile that resulted in tsunami warnings and mandatory evacuations affecting all the beach resorts in the Hawaiian Islands.

A warmly-dressed Marlene and Mike Higgins atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Kenwoodians Pattie and Michael Christensen were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary – congratulations! – in Fiji, and were there on the day when the tsunami was expected, but happily, other than some changes in the tides, and some anxious waiting, there were no problems. They spent a week on the Coral Coast, and except for the potential tsunami, had a wonderful trip.

Pattie and Michael Christensen standing on the front steps of their seaside bure (the Fijian name for these huts) on the Coral Coast of Fiji.

Kenwood residents Susan and Don Luber enjoyed their annual trip to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, in January, where they reveled in a perfect, 82-degrees-every-day escape from winter. And what a winter to escape from, with all the rain and cold we’ve had recently!

Don and Susan Luber relax under their palapa in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Barbara Spain and Jo Cipra, both of Oakmont, vacationed in Mexico in February, staying at Barbara’s son’s “casita” in La Cruz, just outside of Puerto Vallarta. They took a day-trip to the old mining town of San Sebastian to visit a tequila distillery one day, and Barbara writes, “When we left in the morning, the skies were blue and it was a balmy, 80-something tropical day. Shortly after we arrived at San Sebastian, the sky turned dark, the rains came down in torrents, the streets turned to rivers, the thunder was cacophonous and the sky lit up with sheets of lightning! It was fantastic!”

Barbara Spain and Jo Cipra had an exciting visit to this tequila distillery in San Sebastian near Puerto Vallarta, including torrential rain.

However, not everyone was headed for the tropics. Carol Elkins of Glen Ellen works for Sotheby’s auction house (which is the Sotheby’s that sells art, not real estate), with offices in San Francisco, Beverly Hills and New York. Carol sent this email to us in February, “I have been on an extended business trip to Sotheby’s New York, and today I managed to capture a photo of 72nd Street and York Avenue during the snow storm, from my Sotheby’s office there on the 6th floor while reading the Kenwood Press!” She offered to try to get an outdoor shot, but we discouraged that. No need to risk hypothermia just for a shot with the KP!

Carol Elkins of Glen Ellen stays warm inside her New York office during a February snowstorm.

Marcia Ronchetti sent in this gem of a photo, with the following explanation, “This is a picture of Auntie M Ronchetti celebrating the first birthday of her nephew, Felix Joseph Ronchetti in Denver, Colo. Also in attendance were Mom and Dad, Daniela and Frank Ronchetti, with a visit from her brother, Bob Ronchetti, who surprised everyone by flying Bob’s son Drew Ronchetti and his newly announced fiancée Tina Gizzi in from Illinois. It was a double celebration with much fun had by all. The adults especially enjoyed playing with Felix Joseph’s new toys. Felix Joseph was especially interested in the Elnoka article.”

Marcia Ronchetti helps nephew Felix Joseph celebrate his 1st birthday.

And finally, Nancy Reynolds sent a very nice note with a picture of her favorite place to read the Kenwood Press – her secret hideaway in her back yard in Oakmont. As Nancy writes, “could there be a more tranquil vista anywhere on earth?” I think not.

Nancy Reynolds’ backyard hideaway.

That’s all for now. Thanks to everyone for all the news and photos. Remember, if you have an item for Village Chat, you can email it to, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! – A.Q.

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