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Glen Ellen Telegram: 07/01/2015

Glen Ellen Telegram

I am writing this while surrounded by incredible rock formations in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah. Our plan was to be in Moab tonight but through the power of social media we were tipped off to this amazing state park by Glen Ellen retired power-couple Jane and Mike Witkowski who had traveled throughout this area about a month ago. What a wonderful piece of ad- vice! Jane and Mike have been doing a great deal of traveling in the last several years, logging adventures in myriad states and including several jaunts to Burning Man! Next time you see them, ask about their latest or their next adventure.

We are traveling through Utah as part of a nine-day trip RV-ing to my sister-in-law's wedding in Wyoming, and by the time you are reading this, Glen Ellen native Jennifer Lee will be wed to her long-time guy Randy Kintzler. The whole Lee family headed out for this: Margaret and Bill Lee, Steven Lee, Robert Lee, Diane Lee, Erin Lee, Alison (Lee) Jensen and Jennifer's kids – Danielle , Megan , Amber, and Robert Giles – along with various spouses and minors of the next two generations. The event was held in the incredible Louis Lake area of the Wind River Mountains, near to where Randy and Jen live in Riverton, Wyoming. If Sonoma Valley is THE most glorious place, Wyoming may be a close second ... at least this time of year. Winter is a bear!

Simultaneous to our trip, Glen Ellen couple Mark and Debbie Emery of Brookfarm Alapacas up on Sonoma Mountain Road are in the midst of a multi-week, multi- state trip in honor of their 42nd anniversary. As I type this they are in Montana visiting Debbie's sister. Their photo gallery boasts, “Five states, five National Parks, and a whole lot more.” Happy Anniversary, you two!

Also while I'm writing this, Transcendence Theater Company (TTC) is wrapping up their first weekend of performances for this summer's season of Broadway Under the Stars at Jack London State Park. By the time you read this, they will have completed the second weekend. Closing night of this first show - “Oh, What a Night” - is on July 3. I've heard from resident TTC artist Rachel Louise Thomas that the creative work has already begun on the second concert (“Fantastical Family Night”) which performs for only two nights (July 17 and 18). These concerts also feature young performers who have participated in the weeklong TTC camp. Many of you will recognize these brave kids, so don't miss out on giving them your support when you go to see this show!

Buzz from around the bend

Most of the chatter around town centers on the sidewalk projects on Arnold Drive and other impending/ongoing road work that is at once both frustrating and encouraging for us village folk. The restaurants are filling up, as well as the cross walks near the restaurants, and this poses some interesting, vigilant driving during this time of year.

On the south end of town we've been noticing the changes at Jack London Village, most notably the new paint job AND the new art installations. Since the change of ownership the updates have included everything from a new walking bridge over Asbury Creek, to new handicap ramps, to pathway and deck improvements throughout the center. Now we've had the flair of a gallery move in and display art pieces from the south building corner, clear across the front of the village, and off into the north parking lot. The art, together with the new paint, have served to liven up the building. I recently popped in to buy some chocolate from Wine Country Chocolates (uh, yum, btw) and decided to also stop into the new gallery. Sculpturesite Gallery moved from Cornerstone to JLV just this spring and had it's opening on May 30. I was able to meet co-owners Brigitte Micmacker and John Denning who began this adventure in Berkeley together back in 1990 (A New Leaf Gallery). In 2005 they moved into spaces in both Sonoma and San Francisco, and now they are happily with us here in Glen Ellen. The gallery showcases works from both national and international artists selected to represent “strong works of sculpture that energize the space they occupy and are imbued with wit, intelligence, and a love for the material and form.” My daughter and I enjoyed browsing the gallery, and you should stop in to check it out as well and welcome our new friends to the neighborhood. Now the looming question regarding JLV ... what will become of that space on the south corner? We are hoping for a coffee house; what are your thoughts?

As always, if you have any Glen Ellen news to announce, please email or call 996-3352.

Do you have any Glen Ellen stories to share? Milestones? Celebrations? Email, or call 996-3352.

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