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Glen Ellen Telegram: 08/01/2015

Glen Ellen Telegram

When I was a kid, July 4th felt like the true ‘kick-off’ to summer, and Labor Day signaled the end. Here we are basking in the beauty of late July/early August and it’s shocking to think that school will begin in less than three weeks! Sonoma Valley Unified begins classes on Monday, Aug. 17, which means that very soon our Dunbar School families will be heading back down Henno and Dunbar roads, new shoes on feet and sporting fresh backpacks stuffed with school supplies. Our valley climate certainly begs for us all to enjoy the long warm evenings of August and September without the hassle tucking kids into bedtimes that barely mimic the sunset. If I could set the schedule, school would start at the end of September and go straight through June. Anyone else with me on that one? Oh well, enjoy what’s left, kids…

As our kids return to class, other parts of the valley are just pushing summer into full swing. Sonoma Shakespeare, for example, is kicking off its 35th season on Aug. 13 with Much Ado About Nothing presented at Buena Vista Winery. Glen Ellen native Kyrie Dawson (who has been with Avalon Players for a number of years) will be playing the role of Hero in this production that runs Thursday-Sunday evenings through Aug. 30. Kate Kennedy, dedicated friend of Dunbar School’s 5th grade performing arts program, directs and is the founder of Sonoma’s Avalon Players. For information and to purchase tickets visit or call the Buena Vista Historic Tasting Room at 800-325-2764.

Buzz from Around the Bend

Ants… ants everywhere… ‘tis the season?... Anyone who has lived in Glen Ellen for at least a couple of years has probably had to deal with this. Are they after water? Are they getting in out of the heat? Are they living in the walls? And, how the heck did they get into the very inside of the unopened cereal bag? Glen Ellenites are wildlife lovers. We enjoy the deer, raccoons, and hawks, and bask in the knowledge that our wild spaces are protected and consist of mostly healthy natural ecosystems that include somewhat scary things like mountain lions. We tolerate, in a fond nostalgic sort of way, the whiff of a skunk, the heart-racing short encounter with a snake on the Regional Park path, and the occasional loss of a chicken or egg to a bobcat or fox. But ants? Oh ‘h---no…’ we have no love lost for the grotesque, relentless hordes that have invaded bathrooms, kitchen pantries, counters, beds, walls, cars… (Yes, cars; it’s not a pretty story). Everyone seems to have their own strategy for dealing with the invasion, from Windex, to ant baits/traps/stakes/sprays, to throwing up the hands and cursing. There doesn’t seem to be one magic foolproof method, but if any of you know of one, please share! In the meantime, be comforted in the fact that it really does seem to be a ‘season’ and it will soon pass. One small price we pay for living in this little hamlet of paradise.

Village folks are beginning to talk about October. Why? Because this fall marks the 25th annual Glen Ellen Village Fair. (yes, yes, I know it’s older than that and some of you long-time natives love to point that out… BUT in its current reincarnation the fair has been around for 25 years!) The theme for this year’s fair is ‘Glen Aliens’ and the parade grand marshals will include all past marshals plus all past fair volunteers/committee members who have kept this tradition alive for so long… after all, ‘It takes a solar system.’ The fair committee wants you to know two things: 1) if you want to strut your best alien selves/float in the parade you should sign up ASAP by emailing Dawn at and 2) you have the opportunity to have your alien art selected for this year’s poster – please prepare an 8.5 x 11 original or high quality copy of your artwork (with your name, age and parent’s name if a minor, and your best contact information, phone number or email address, included on the back) and send to Glen Ellen Village Fair Committee via email at or snail mail (do not fold) to P.O. Box 96 Glen Ellen, CA 95442. The deadline for submission is Aug. 31. The Fair committee is always looking for new volunteers to help the day of, or to be a major part of the planning. Currently, the committee is looking to replace an outgoing treasurer. If you are even remotely interested in lending a hand, please consider attending the next monthly meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 12, at 7 p.m. at the Jack London Lodge.

As always, if you have any Glen Ellen news to announce, please email or call 996-3352.

Do you have any Glen Ellen stories to share? Milestones? Celebrations? Email, or call 996-3352.

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