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Letters to the Editor: 05/01/2017

Letters to the Editor

Thank you KFA crab feed donors

Dear Editors,

The Kenwood Firefighter’s Association would like to thank and recognize the following people and businesses listed below for their overwhelming support and who donated so graciously to our 10th Annual Crab Feed. The event was a great success and the Firefighter’s Association raised over $12,000 to help fund equipment for our Fire Department.

Thank you for your continuing support: Chateau St. Jean, MacLeod Family Vineyard, Beltane Ranch, Cline Family Cellars, Pour Lavie Sparkling Wine, Marshall’s Repairs, Mary’s Pizza Shack, Pagani Ranch, VJB Cellars, Safari West, Roseann’s Haircutting, Landmark Vineyards, Wildwood Nursery, Joan Dinner, Olea Hotel, John and Debbie Cooper, Kunde Family Winery, St. Francis Winery, Yeti Restaurant, Ledson Winery, Ordaz Family Wines, Urban Tree Farm, Tony Ghisla, Vintage Aircraft, Swede’s Feeds, Valley of the Moon Skincare, and the Kenwood Education Foundation.

The Kenwood Firefighter’s Association

Oakmont residents beware of Measure C

Oakmonters beware. Owners of apartment buildings built before 1975 will have the difficult burden of evicting problem tenants, which negatively affects the rest of the tenants in the building. Don’t be fooled. Measure C will not help apartment tenants by lowering rents, it will not help low-income people or households on a wait list for Section 8 vouchers, or the homeless, or military veterans, or senior citizens. It will not help the vacancy rate in Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa should continue the goal of building affordable housing.

Vote No on Measure C and continue pressing Santa Rosa to build affordable housing, which is the only solution for low-income families, the homeless, military veterans and senior citizens. Measure C will not do that; it will create more problems for apartment dwellers.

Save our apartment dwellers from bad tenants. Vote NO on Measure C.

Annabelle Page

No on Measure C

Dear Editor,

Measure C on the Santa Rosa ballot might sound good, but it is a bad idea.

Instead of identifying people who need rental assistance, it targets a few buildings in Santa Rosa and hopes those who need help live there, knowing that many of those tenants can afford the rent.

All the other renters in Santa Rosa are not covered by Measure C. Renters who cannot afford their rent now will still be unable to afford the rent.

It does not create one new unit of housing. It does nothing for those without homes. It discourages owners from improving their property, so neighborhoods decline. It punishes owners who have kept their rents low. It has no effect on “greedy” landlords who have already raised their rents or who own newer units.

A better way is to identify the people who actually need help no matter where they live in Santa Rosa and expand programs to help them directly.

We also need to build more apartments with spaces reserved for low-income citizens.

Measure C creates yet another expensive city bureaucracy.

It fails to recognize that housing is a community responsibility.

No wonder 93 percent of economists, who rarely have a strong consensus on anything, oppose measures like Measure C.

Please vote no on C.

Donna M. Born
Santa Rosa

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