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Letters to the Editor: 07/01/2017

Letters to the Editor July 1, 2017

Clean up mess at shopping center

Dear Editor,

Cathy Fletcher is right. (Letters, June 1.) My wife and I who have lived here for the last 27 years have become increasingly dismayed at the apparent lack of concern shown by the tasting rooms and restaurant in the Kenwood Village and their apparent total disregard for the Village and the residents of Kenwood, in their lust to make money. It is embarrassing to go to the post office on a weekend to pick up one’s mail and see the litter everywhere. Wine boxes are stuffed in the garbage containers until they are overflowing (which they all are) only to then leave them on the ground, sometimes crushed, and mostly not, and then what??

Apparently, their answer is to just leave them scattered on the ground. Don’t bother to close the bins, let the crows and other birds scavenge for food because there is always a scrap of something left by the visitors, or they think there is, and let the wind blow loose papers around. Just look around on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

I understand the tasting room is your livelihood and I also understand you cannot control tourists who have no regard for anything except how much wine they can consume in as short period of time as possible before the limo takes them away. “The H--- with the neighbors, we don’t care, we will never be here again.” The one thing you can and should do is help maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding parking lot. I am sure you don’t want to be bothered, but the residents really don’t want to be bothered by the mess that is left behind. We, and about 1,500 other people, live here because we love its pristine nature, its quietness, our support of our community and its residents, and we certainly don’t want to clean up your mess.

I feel sorry for the residents who live near a tasting room and find cars parked on the streets blocking their driveway. Just ask a couple of the local residents how they feel.

John Rector

Cut out the early a.m. noise

Dear Editor,

It was the night before Memorial Day. I went to bed looking forward to sleeping in; one of the few days that I could. I woke up at 7 a.m. to the buzz of a nearby weed whacker. I tried putting the pillow over my head. That didn’t work.

The following Sunday, again at 7a.m., the weed whacker!!! I understand that we all live in an agricultural area, but some of us still have to work and appreciate a day to sleep in. It wasn’t a hot day. The whacker could have started later.

Most of us try to accommodate our neighbors. I don’t think that it is too much to ask of one another to try to keep one morning out of the week a time of quiet in the early hours. I remember as a kid it was called being neighborly and considerate of others.

I promise I will try not to howl at the full moon any more.

With respect,

Susanna Cox

Oakmont Central Project comes into focus

Dear Editor,

After three years of work by three committees and more than $62,000 in professional fees, the end of the Berger analysis process for the Oakmont Central Project is within sight.

First committee: In 2014 the “Berger Improvement Committee” was charged by the Directors with the “goal... to perform this analysis and provide a recommendation(s) to the OVA board of directors on preferred and reasonable approaches to update this important building.”

Second committee: In 2016, the “Central Planning Committee” was charged with “the goal of diagnosing and recommending space requirements for current and future activities in OVA.”

Third committee: In January 2017, the ”Berger Action Committee” was charged with “the purpose of evaluating, developing, and recommending to the OVA Board of Directors a successful improvement plan for the Berger Center.... Three Options for the Board’s consideration and determination.”

#1 – Remodel/expand existing Berger ($2.6-$3.1 million per BIC report)

#2 – Build a new building and demolish Berger ($6-$8 million estimated)

#3 – Build a new building and re-purpose Berger ($8-$11 million estimated)

Parking requirements for remodeling the existing Berger are anticipated to vary considerably from what will be required by the city for a new building. According to the 2016 Central Planning Committee report, Oakmont has more than enough indoor space, suggesting that the need for a larger structure is not necessary.

This Wednesday, July 5, at 1 p.m., the Berger Action Committee will be making their presentation during a workshop for the community.

Greg Gewalt

Prepping the neighborhood for the parade

Dear Parade Route Neighbors,

We are excited that our annual Kenwood July 4th Hometown Parade will be back in the neighborhood!

If your home is in the area of the parade route, we want to let you know what to expect on Monday, July 3, and Tuesday, July 4.

For safety reasons, on the 4th of July, road barricades are scheduled for Hwy. 12 at Warm Springs Road, along with closure of Warm Springs Road at Frederica and Los Guilicos, and closure of Channing Row between Warm Springs and Griswold. The barricades will be removed when the parade is finished. Also, we kindly request no parking on Clyde starting Monday night so we can safely stage the parade entries first thing in the morning on July 4.

Parade participants will be checking in at the Kenwood School on Tuesday starting at 8:30 a.m., and will then stage on Clyde and Maple between Shaw Park and Warm Springs. The parade will begin at 10:30 a.m. sharp on Warm Springs Road and wrap around Kenwood Plaza Park.

We have teams scheduled to set up and clean up the area, along with advising all participants and spectators that trash receptacles have been made available for our neighborhood to remain clean.

We look forward to you coming out to enjoy the parade and the after-the-parade fun with your family, friends, and neighbors celebrating our hometown pride… maybe you have or will have an entry in the parade!

If you have any questions or wish additional information, please email us at or visit our informative website at

Happy 4th of July,
Your 2017 Kenwood Parade Committee

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