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Letters to the Editor: 10/01/2017

Letters to the Editor

Kenwood School thanks donors

Dear Editor,

The sixth grade class at Kenwood Elementary would like to send a heart-felt thank you to everyone who attended the annual Spaghetti Feed last Sunday. It was a tremendous success and raised almost $12,000 for the Outdoor Education Program. We are fortunate to have such a generous community supporting our children each year.

We would especially like to thank our generous donors who made this event possible:

The Maple Ring (Geib Family), Glen Ellen Fire Department, Kenwood Fire Department, Annadel Winery, Benziger Family Winery, Café Citti, Dave and Catherine Jefferson, Dee Sand, Deerfield Ranch Winery and the Rex Family, Glen Ellen Historical Society, Glen Ellen Star, Glen Ellen Village Market, Imagery Estate Winery, Kenwood Education Foundation, Kenwood Press, Tania Lach – Body Journey Massage, Ledson Winery, Maria Carrillo High School Culinary Dept., Ooops & Friends, Prickett’s Nursery, Lake Sonoma Tasting Room, Lesley LemMon, Sean O’Connor Brewing, Sonoma Mission Gardens, Swede’s Feeds, Transcendence Theatre Company, Valley of the Moon Winery at Madrone Estate, VJB Cellars, Wellington Cellars, Wildwood Nursery, Wine Country Chocolates, Tony Ghisla & Bonnie Hockman.

Kenwood School Sixth Grade Class

A fond farewell

Dear people of Kenwood,

After 27 years with the Postal Service (15 years in Kenwood) I will be retiring Friday, Oct. 6. Before I leave I want to say thank you to the people of this community. I doubt there are many postal employees who have been as lucky as I have been. It has been a blessing to work in such a beautiful place and come to know and love so many wonderful people. Over the years I have developed many warm relationships with people young, old and from all walks of life. As I leave, it makes me sad to know that I may never see many of you again.

I will always be grateful for the times when the people of this community truly came to my aid. When my son was seriously injured I was showered with cards and gifts for weeks wishing Ben a speedy recovery. When my home was lost to fire the amount of support I received from the people of Kenwood and Oakmont was truly overwhelming.

Of course, the best thing the Kenwood Post Office ever brought me was my wife Erica; at first the beautiful and fascinating customer that showed up every afternoon at one o’clock and now the beautiful and fascinating woman with whom I share my life.

Thank you all for the last 15 years. It has been a pleasure and a privilege serving you. I’ll miss you all.

Angelo Parisi
Kenwood Post Office

Re: that equestrian center at SDC

Dear Editor,

A number of people in the community have asked me with puzzlement about an idea being promoted in our community to build an equestrian event center on the site of the Sonoma Developmental Center, which will close next year. In fact, there are many ideas floating around for the eventual redevelopment of the site. But the community has expressed concerns about yet another event center in Sonoma Valley, and this one would come with hundreds of horse trailers on the weekends and loudspeakers amplifying sound at four different arenas.

Sonoma County is the home of a vibrant and important equestrian community that contributes to our economy. However, I have consistently discouraged this proposal on the SDC site as it is incompatible with the rural character of the valley, and quite frankly the amount of traffic from this kind of facility could not be accommodated on our already congested road network, and the amplified sound from many events in the valley is already challenging to enforce and mitigate.

The State and the County are years away from working with the community to develop a site master plan for the SDC site. In fact, there are still residents living on the site and our family members are still employed there. When the time comes, the community will discuss its many critical needs, and those will be reflected in a plan. But a proposed equestrian event center is incompatible with the concept of a “complete community” with housing, services and employment. The project needs to look elsewhere to find a location to develop its vision.

To receive an update on the Sonoma Developmental Center, please attend the Town Hall Forum on Oct. 21 from 9 a.m to 12:30 p.m. at Altimira Middle School on Arnold Drive.  

Susan Gorin
First District Supervisor

Pickleball and tennis – apples and oranges

Dear Editor,

Pickleball and tennis are like apples and oranges. Different. Pickleball courts are crowded with players. Tennis courts are not. Pickleball players are noisy. Tennis players are not. In the “Pickleball Corner” article in the Sept. 15 issue of The Oakmont News, one pickleball player wrote that players “sound like pirates who have been out at sea for too long, visiting a brothel.” The writer spoke of “thwacking the ball around.” Then the writer went on to paint what appeared to be a very negative description of “silent” tennis players.

Yes! That’s exactly the point! Pickleball is noisy; tennis isn’t. Recently, a sound study was conducted at the east tennis courts in Oakmont, supposedly to measure the sound made by the pickleball sport. I was there. There were 24 pickleball players on the two tennis courts. But for some strange reason, the players sounded more like tennis players. Few sounds could be heard aside from the loud thwacking, which could be heard beyond Oakmont Drive. One wonders if the players were asked not to make a lot of noise. Observers on the patio were asked not to talk or make any sounds. The parking lot was roped off so that no automobiles normally coming and going could be heard. No car doors opening, no people laughing and talking as they would approach the courts should they be converted to pickleball. And what about the patio? If the courts were converted, the patio would be filled with pickleball players as they rotated on and off the court. Laughing, talking, making noise. As they should! It’s a fun, noisy sport. But it would be a tough call for the many meetings held in the East Recreation room. The distractions would be endless.

It’s indeed curious that the present OVA board of directors is so interested in providing courts for pickleball players. Yes, they indeed should have their own courts. Pickleball is a wonderful, extremely popular sport. The mission statement of Oakmont is first and foremost to provide activities. But the cost of converting the two east tennis courts to pickleball would be substantial, not to mention potential law suits filed by neighboring residents who would have to suffer the noise.

So what could possibly be the logical solution? How about going with what was decided by three OVA boards before the present one? How about going with the site that was approved by the city of Santa Rosa? The site where ground was actually broken to build pickleball courts but was stopped by the newly elected board? That site is by the Central Activity Center. Activity Center. Open space. Activities already there, including swimming pool, lawn bowling, fitness center. If the present board is bent on giving pickleball players their own courts, it’s curious why it refuses to go with the obvious choice: the Central Activity Center.

Martina Lewis

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