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Crime Watch

The following are some of the recent calls from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area responded to by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley Substation.

Oct. 20 Someone delivering food items in the early morning to VJB Vineyard & Cellars on Shaw Ave. called to report a suspicious man wearing a hoodie walking around the premises. When the caller made eye contact with the man, the man turned away hurriedly and walked out of the area.

Oct. 21 A caller from the 8000 block of Sonoma Hwy. reported a woman was trespassing on the property and refusing to leave. The woman did leave but the caller wanted a deputy to come out and stop the woman. Dispatch informed the caller there was no reason to since she had already left.

Oct. 22 A caller from the area of Arnold Dr. and Chauvet Road called to report a man yelling for help. The man had also been hanging around the area the night before, and the caller found a crack pipe, which he believed belonged to the man. A deputy drove out and handled the situation.

Oct. 22 A resident of Randolph Ave. reported having a dispute with a neighbor. The caller said the neighbor’s gardener verbally threatened to harm his wife. A deputy went out and talked to the parties.

Oct. 23 Deputies got a call from someone whose cell phone had just been stolen from their car as the caller went into a store in the 900 block of Madrone Road. The vehicle had been unlocked.

Oct. 27 At 4 a.m., deputies got a call from a resident in the 1000 block of Hill Road about a neighbor’s very noisy generator.

Oct. 27 Deputies got calls at around 1 p.m. about a male running in and out of traffic in the area of Sonoma Hwy. and Randolph Ave. Observers had tried to corral the man but had been unsuccessful. The man had jumped in front of cars, causing vehicles to back up on Sonoma Hwy. The man started walking down the highway yelling obscenities, and was eventually struck by a car and injured, apparently with a broken arm. California Highway Patrol personnel went to the scene.

Oct. 28 At 9:20 a.m. a man was reported sleeping in a white sedan in the area of Shultz and Lawndale roads. The caller said the man had been in the area before, sometimes sleeping and sometimes standing by his car. A deputy drove out and told the man to move along.

Oct. 28 An employee of a Madrone Road business was the victim of someone hacking into a computer and attempting to get the employee to buy $2,500 in fraudulent gift cards. It was not known if the employee actually did so.

Oct. 30 Deputies got a call at 2:16 a.m. regarding a loud party at a vacation rental in the 2000 block of Lawndale Road. A deputy went out and handled the situation.

Oct. 30 Loud music was reported at 10:30 p.m. in the area of the 8000 block of Sonoma Hwy.

The caller said it sounded like a concert.

Oct. 31 The owner of a food truck parked in the 9000 block of Sonoma Hwy. called just after midnight to report that his activation camera had just picked up a male in a grey truck pulling in. The man was walking around the food truck, and the owner heard loud noises in the background. The food truck had been a victim of burglary earlier this year when someone stole a generator. Nothing was missing this time.

Nov. 2 Deputies got a report about someone in a black Porsche dumping something off of Sonoma Mountain Road about a half mile up from Warm Springs Road. A bag of kitchen items had been dumped. The bag also contained a fresh dead skunk. The caller got the license plate number, and it turned out the Porsche was registered in San Francisco.

Nov. 2 Someone living in a group home in the 14000 block of Arnold Dr. called just after 11 p.m.

to complain that a roommate was breaking house rules by causing problems and talking too loud.