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Oakmont president resigns

By Jim Brewer

Steve Spanier, the board president who guided Oakmont through the purchase of the community’s golf facilities, has resigned from the OVA Board due to “changing family priorities.”

His resignation, effective Nov. 20, comes less than a year into his second two-year term.

“Changing family priorities are making it impossible for me to perform the job of OVA Board member to my expectations,” Spanier said in announcing his decision. “It has been an honor and pleasure to serve as board president. I wish the board, the staff and this great community the best.”

Spanier was elected to the board in April 2018 and has served as president since that time. He was re-elected in 2020.

He is generally credited with restoring civility to board meetings, which had often become raucous over, among other things, efforts to establish permanent pickleball court facilities.

Under his leadership the OVA successfully completed the purchase of the community’s two golf courses and restaurant for some $3.8 million. After a shaky start, the facilities were leased to CourseCo, the Petaluma-based company that has been managing Oakmont’s courses since July.

Besides golf, other accomplishments during Spanier’s tenure include the completion of the East Rec Center renovation, a solar resiliency project, a dog park and several other facility improvement projects. He also led a community focus on civility, education and transparency.

“As President he worked tirelessly to open things up, turn down the temperature, and restore trust and respect throughout the community, on the board, and with our OVA staff,” said Board Vice President Tom Kendrick, who is likely to be elected by the board to replace Spanier. “He has continued to do so, leading the board through major changes and challenges and successfully helping us to secure the golf course properties and restore stable operations there. I have not always agreed with Steve on matters before the board, but he always ultimately led us to develop a consensus for our actions and decisions.”

Besides electing a new president, the OVA directors will seek applicants and appoint a new board member to replace Spanier on the seven-member board.