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Kenwood is target for emergency alert test

On Dec. 3, Sonoma County will run a test emergency alert aimed at Kenwood residents in an ongoing county effort to practice getting the word out during a real emergency. For those signed up for SoCo-Alert, Kenwood residents should be getting a test emergency alert on Dec. 3, known as a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA).

The test is in part a response to the fact that hundreds of people in the Kenwood area did not receive a SoCoAlert message regarding evacuating during the recent Glass Fire. However, many of these people did receive other forms of alerts, such as Nixle texts from the Sonoma County Sheriff ’s Department. Sonoma County Emergency Services will be experimenting with a new way to get feedback, data that can be important going forward to improve the emergency alert system countywide. When the alert goes out to Kenwood residents, sometime during the business day on Dec. 3, those successfully receiving the alert will see a link to a survey. Residents are encouraged to complete the survey, which will contain questions such as where they were when the alert was received, how successful was the alert, etc.

Anyone who isn’t signed up for SoCoAlert already should go to to do so. This will register your cell phone number, email address, and home phone especially if provided by cable/internet providers.

If you do not get the test alert on Dec. 3, county emergency staff said it is important for you to go to the following link to let the county know: Kenwood2020 County emergency staff also recommend that you add SoCo-Alert into your phone as a contact so you know you are not receiving a spam call. The number is 866-419-5000. This is the number that will show up on the call screen.