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A fond farewell to Alec and Ann

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By Jay Gamel 6

I7 knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but as I think about the years since a young couple from San Francisco called to ask if I was interested in selling my paper back in 1994, I’m overwhelmed by the images, feelings, and thoughts that are popping up like a thousand corks in a huge vat of wine: Alec laughing over a crime report he’s taking on the phone; Ann putting a pencil in her mouth, staring at her computer, thinking out a layout problem for a page full of ads and stories; both times I managed to miss out when people drove cars through the front door; the intense quiet as everyone in the office proofreads the next issue heading to the printer; the venerable laser printer jamming up at the worst possible time; telephone calls that seemed to have no source or direction… There is grief to feel at the end of this long, fruitful and soul satisfying professional journey with Ann and Alec Peters that began when they first took over my baby, a oncea- month-if-I-get-to-it paper, expanded the readership and doubled the issues while I worked far away in Petaluma and Novato, striving to make ends meet after I became single, again. Alec and Ann always, always, always, got the paper out by the first and fifteenth of every scheduled month, save for the 2017 fire. After a decade of commuting to the hinterlands, the Peters offered me a way home, working for them right here in Kenwood, doing what I love best in the world, writing about Sonoma Valley.

Ann and Alec brought their young children, Ross, Gus and Elizabeth, away from the big city to grow up in Kenwood close to Annadel 5 7

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State Park. While I didn’t know them at the time, I soon found out they brought with them the best values anyone could ask for, values that shaped the Press, and the lives of everyone who has been touched by it. Solid values of love for each other and family, love of community, love of their church, a love of harmony, always seeking the best in themselves and their adopted town.

Never sappy, Alec and Ann have kept the Press positive and upbeat and focused on what readers need to know. They did not get into political squabbles or petty differences, but always looked to the vital side of life and for what’s important about the issues and events of the day, always with deep understanding and never without a healthy dose of humor.

I have watched all three of their children become strong, capable adults who share their parents’ love of life, education and personal achievement. Ann and Alec were active participants in their schools and soccer and lacrosse and baseball and every sport and passion that their children pursued. They also were there for every community organization that ever popped up, offering support, money, advice and news coverage. They have been fair, generous and giving at all times, never flinching when I pilfered petty cash for another cup of coffee.

Personally, they have been rock solid support for me and everyone who has ever worked for them, and I can only say, with the deepest of feeling, thank you both for all you have done for this community and all the people in it.