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Publishers’ Corner

Publishers’ Corner


Here we go!

Our first issue as publishers of the Kenwood Press is out. We are so grateful to Jay, Alec, and Ann, for creating and nurturing our community newspaper and we’re honored to keep the presses running. We are also very appreciative of the loyal Kenwood Press readers and advertisers for the warm welcome and encouragement.

We originally approached Ann and Alec in May after they mentioned in the Publishers’ Corner that they were retiring at the end of the year. My initial response was close to devastation. We’re not sure about everyone else, but on the 1st and 15th of every month, we’re excited to find a copy of the Kenwood Press in our mailbox. I was saddened imagining that our community might lose its local newspaper like thousands of communities throughout the US who have seen newspapers move to on-line only, or disappear completely, losing their source of hyper local news.

Paul has a background in journalism as the production director with a radio station group in Canada and later at WABC radio and Bloomberg News in New York City. I have a background in project management, human resources, and technology. We retired to Glen Ellen in 2013. Seemed logical that the next step in our career was to buy a newspaper.

We promise to keep the Kenwood Press the same while maybe adding a few new things here and there. Jim Shere will continue to publish his popular and thoughtful column “Living Life Well” and Shannon Lee will continue to publish the “Glen Ellen Telegram”; the #1 source for news about what’s happening in Glen Ellen. Shannon will also write a new science column exclusive to the Kenwood Press. Her first edition is in this issue.

With Ann’s retirement, we have new reporters for the Village Chat; Kenwood locals Robin Stoecker, Regina Roland, and Bridget Paul. Send your news about weddings, new babies, and anything exciting you’d like to share to [email protected].

Mackenzie Cramer, the author of the recent series “Pandemic High School”, will continue write a monthly column through the end of this school year documenting the high school experience for a graduating senior during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Brandon Stark joined the team as a reporter and photographer and editor of the Out and About and Around the County column.

Julie Atwood will write a monthly “Living Safely in Sonoma” column to discuss ways to prepare and respond to emergencies and natural disasters and keep people, property, and animals safe.

If you visit our website today, you’ll notice we’ve moved to a new platform. now features most read and breaking news articles and space for more photos. It also has an online edition that has the same look and feel as the print edition. The new website also gives extra opportunities for our advertisers. All advertisements in for our print edition will display the same ads in our online edition, and the links in advertisements will be “live” so if you click on a website in an ad, it will bring you to our advertiser’s website. For those who like to read the Kenwood Press online, we welcome you to subscribe to our new site.

As the word spread and when Ann and Alec announced the that Paul and I would be the new publishers of the Kenwood Press, friends and strangers approached us and thanked us for taking the reins. The support was overwhelming.

After congratulations and warm wishes, the next thing almost everyone asked us is if we were keeping the Crime Watch. Of course! Here I thought everyone read the KP to find out what was happening with Pickleball and the Golf Course in Oakmont or how the groundwater is holding up. Nope, It’s the Crime Watch. We have every intention keeping the community informed on local crime. The Sonoma County Sherriff ’s office wasn’t available to provide crime information for this edition, but we’ll have a Crime Watch for Feb 1.

The somber note of the Crime Watch is that every once in a while, there’s real crime, like the Honda stolen from in front of a house on Treehaven in Kenwood last month. It’s fun to read about a resident calling the Sheriff to report a neighboring teen fetching a soccer ball from his or her backyard or a loiterer being told to move along, but once in a while, it’s more serious. That’s sobering. Let’s all hope that our Crime Watch is always filled with “move alongs” and “nothing furthers”.

For this issue, very special thanks to Patti Buttitta, Jay Gamel, Tracy Salcedo, and Jazmine Kanengiser for your patience and talent in helping us get this issue out the door.

-Melissa and Paul