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Safe living in Sonoma Valley


New Year’s home and neighborhood safety self-assessment

By Julie Atwood, The HALTER Project

Welcome to 2021 and my first Kenwood Press column. Every other month, I will share down-to-earth, practical information and inspiration to help Valley of the Moon residents— and their animals—ready themselves for the challenges of emergencies and natural disasters.

In the past, we have all been focused on individual preparedness. Now, the emphasis is on neighborhood and community readiness. Building relationships and resources with the people next door and down the block are essential to everyone’s safety and, possibly, survival. Start the New Year with a self-assessment “report card.” Review your home checklist, then start connecting with neighbors to create plans and a network of supplies and support. Some of our neighborhoods are well on their way with COPE, Safety Committees, and FireSafe or FireWise groups. Reach out and utilize their knowledge! Eliminate overlap, share resources.

The HALTER Project has provided a framework with action items and resources to help you get going.

For more help, and to learn about The HALTER Project, visit or contact us at: [email protected].