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Statement of appreciation for Ann and Alec Peters


Former publishers of the Kenwood Press

We, the undersigned, love you. We love you because, lo, over these many years, you have molded the Kenwood Press into something rare and beautiful.

Those of us who are writers and columnists know that what’s been created and nurtured at the Kenwood Press is special. Only the rarest and most sublime of editors approach their reporters and exhort them to focus on “the good news.”

Those of us who are readers know that, on every page, we’ll be treated to stories about what really matters in our villages. By focusing on the good in Kenwood, Glen Ellen, and Oakmont, you reflect the good in all of us. And that… well, that just feels good.

The good is also practical. In the Kenwood Press, we learn about the neighbor who just opened a new business, or had a baby, or passed away, and we’re prodded into doing good by all of them. We also read about the development proposed for downtown, or the well and septic ordinance, or what’s on the agenda at the next meeting of the planning commission, or the Glen Ellen Forum, or our illustrious board of supervisors. The Kenwood Press is our paper of record. It keeps us informed, for our own good.

You even managed to find the good in the bad, the controversial, and inevitable change: witness your in-depth and ongoing coverage of local recovery from the 2017 Nuns firestorm and the Glass Fire; the closure and redevelopment of the Sonoma Developmental Center; and the impacts of pandemic shutdowns on local businesses, schools, and families.

We read each issue cover to cover. We may not play pickleball in Oakmont or have children at Kenwood School or want to help plan Glen Ellen’s Village Fair, but what happens in these places gives us insight into the greater community that supports us. Letters to the editor and guest columns capture the pulse of our community, Appreciation ‑ from page 4

for better or worse. Recurring columns, from the Crime Watch to the Village Chat, provide both entertainment and context, illuminating what we cherish and how we do good, as well as who we are when we misbehave.

We, the undersigned, hope that as you, Ann and Alec Peters, ride off into the proverbial sunset, fishing rods and cocktails in hand, the spirit of the Kenwood Press— your goodness—will carry forward. We, the undersigned, pledge to help the brave souls, Melissa and Paul, who have taken on the mantle of publisher to continue that good work. As contributors, advertisers, readers, and communities otherwise underserved by local media outlets, we, the undersigned, pledge to honor your legacy by helping the Kenwood Press thrive in its new iteration.

The Kenwood Press serves the community and is accountable to the community. That’s good news, and news we know will endure. Thank you

—Tracy Salcedo and Kenwood Press contribtors.