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Village Chat

Village Chat

Meet the new Village Chat reporters With Ann Peters retirement, the Kenwood Press has a new Village Chat team! Meet Robin, Bridget, and Regina.

Robin Stoecker: “I’ve been a Kenwood Press fan since 2008 and am excited to contribute to Village Chat. My favorite things about Kenwood are Kenwood School, the annual Fourth of July parade, great local cuisine, easy access to open space, and the energy and spirit of the people who work and volunteer to make this community a wonderful place to live.”

Bridget Paul: “I grew up in Tahoe and loved the community and outdoors. I have the same fondness for Kenwood and the surrounding area. Kenwood’s Fourth of July people, traditions, and events make the Fourth my favorite holiday. Education is a passion of mine and I always want to work, volunteer, and learn about local schools and education. This Village Chat is exciting because I do like meeting the people and their dogs in my neighborhood.”

Regina Rolland: “I have lived in Kenwood for 16 years and I absolutely love this community. I spent a better part of my free time during my girls’ Kenwood Elementary School years volunteering for the KSA & KEF. These two organizations really know how to have fun and bring community together while benefiting our beloved Kenwood School. My favorite Kenwood School events are Lights, Camera, Auction!, the Chili Cook-Off and the Spaghetti Feed. I look forward to sharing stories about these events in Village Chat.”

With a regional stay at home order in place from the county, we’ve seen a lot of Kenwoodians out jogging, walking dogs, and trying to stay as active as possible. These days, it seems like almost everyone in town has a dog or a stroller. Molly Cruit and Conor McDonald helped their daughter Penny (3) and son Dillon (1) get the 2020 wiggles out with a romp in the puddles around town.

Kenwood Community Church’s secretary is leaving. Brenda Roberts will depart at the end of January. Happily for Brenda, her musical career as both teacher and performer has flourished in the midst of the pandemic, and she needed more time to pursue these opportunities. The church has launched a search for her replacement; if interested, please contact Timothy Dorman at [email protected]

Did you know that the church was built in 1888 and used to be located at the corner of Los Guilicos and Laurel Streets? Learn more about Kenwood Community Church’s rich history here:

Tell us your stories!

What creative strategies are you using to get

through the pandemic? Did you build a fancy chicken coop or plant a survival garden? Perhaps you created a family oasis in your backyard? Did you give in to the kids and install a trampoline or adopt a dog (or cat)? Share your stories and photos with Village Chat and let us know how you’re getting by.

If you have a submission for Village Chat, send it to [email protected]