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in a mile of the SDC and serves on the Planning Advisory Team, cautioned that, “The core campus is a liability. It may cost $110 million just to get to the ground, with no buildings.” He said the grounds are situated in an isolated location, in an area with a weak economy, and with an aging population. “The area is blighted and will get worse.”

“There needs to be private money,” Gonzalez said. “That’s the perspective from the real world.”

At the end of the informational meeting, Gorin reminded everyone that the State of California categorically rejected hosting institutional programs on the site.

“The state is not interested in paying for additional services on the site,” she said. “They know how difficult it is to retrofit.”

Rajeev Bhatia, principal of Dyett & Bhatia, said the next steps will include finalizing the vision statement and guiding principles, developing the three alternatives over the next three months, and holding community meetings to discuss them this spring.