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Publishers’ Corner

Publishers’ Corner


Our second issue is out the door! We learned so much while assembling the first issue. Two notable items: it’s important to keep the Kenwood Press staff fed or they might get hangry, and one of our talented proofreaders hates exclamation points!! We are so appreciative of the feedback on our Jan. 15 issue. Our readers especially appreciated Dr. Nancy Dome’s guest editorial on diversity, equity, and inclusion and Archie Horton’s drawing of the Sonoma House at Eldridge on the front page. Special thanks to our readers who sent us gentle emails pointing out some errors in our first edition. We’ve printed two corrections below. We have a new website! It’s still a work in progress, but we love the new features. Online readers can view an eEdition of the entire paper that has a similar look to the print edition. All of our advertisers are included in our web edition. The site displays current weather for Kenwood and has a link to “Purple Air” to view our local air quality.

Another change for us: With a little nostalgic sadness, we’re leaving the Kenwood Press world headquarters location after 22 years. If those walls could talk, they would certainly have tales to tell. Just the Crime Watch conversations could fill volumes. We’ll be working from our basement “man cave” for the month of February, and in March we’ll be moving the newsroom to 13700 Arnold Drive in downtown Glen Ellen, when McCormick’s Mercantile moves to its newly-renovated space at Arnold and Warm Springs Rd.

— Melissa & Paul