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Wine Country Decor opens in new location

“I want to show the people that I’m here, this is me, and that is why I push myself harder every day.”

Jorge Martinez has been in the furniture business for a very long time, and ever since his store burned down in 2018 back in Napa, he has been waiting for his moment to begin business again. This year, he opened up his new store in Santa Rosa, called Wine Country Decor.

This rustic furniture store has custom-ordered furniture that Jorge has shipped from Mexico to sell in the United States, meaning his furniture cannot be found anywhere else. Jorge changes up his style based on where he sells, so in California, he has adopted a more contemporary furniture style instead of his usual rustic approach. His furniture ranges from patio decor, bedding, and tables made out of several different kinds of wood, such as parotta, mesquite, and pine from Central America and Mexico. He also sells paper art, handmade in Mexico, that can be hung on the wall.

Jorge was born into the family business of crafting pottery, vases, sculptures, and paintings, learning the trade from his mother and father. Ever since he was eight years old, his parents put him to work alongside his 14 other siblings.

“My father and mother taught me. In Mexico, we do this kind of stuff all the time. When I came to the United States, I always wanted to someday own my own business.”

Jorge’s father was a major influence on his motivation to start a business in the United States. He told Jorge all the time, “You know your job, you know this business, you have to push yourself and bring our business to people outside of Mexico.”

Jorge’s journey in the United States has been a troubled one. It started off well when he found a department store to sell his furniture in Napa, but it burned down one day in 2018. He did not lose any personal belongings in the fire, but the owner of the store said he was too old to build everything again, leaving Jorge with no business for a couple years. But even with COVID- 19 and all the other natural disasters occurring in the region, he concluded that people need furniture and decided to open his new business.

Starting a business is always hard, and with COVID- 19 still lingering it’s especially difficult — but this didn’t stop Jorge.

“It’s hard. People are still nervous to come to stores. But the sight of a new store still makes people want to go see what they have. I have to be positive during this time. Push and stand out in this place.”

Jorge’s father’s words echo in his mind all the time, becoming one of the main reasons he won’t throw in the towel, even though it has crossed his mind plenty of times. But every day he gets up and tells himself that he is going to make it, and during times like these, those are some of the best words you can tell yourself. “I’m very glad and thankful that this country has given me the opportunity to open my own business doing what I love.” Wine Country Decor is located at 6001 Sonoma Hwy. in Santa Rosa and is open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. every weekday and 12-5 p.m. on weekends.

For more information, go to www.winecountrydecor. com.— by Brandon Sparks JLV catering business on SVCAC agenda

Lauren Kershner, owner of Goodness Gracious Catering, is on the Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission (SVCAC) meeting agenda for Feb. 24 at 6:30 p.m. to request a Use Permit for a new on-site and off-site catering business, located in Unit 3 of the Jack London Village. The space that was the former home of the Olive and Vine restaurant will have a commercial kitchen for on-site and off-site catering, and will host events for up to 75 people for weekly dinner parties, culinary classes, art exhibits, and live acoustic music.

Modest renovation of the space is currently underway. Kershner and the building owner are restoring the architectural features to honor the original design. According to the use permit application, overall décor of the space will be a “reimagination of the Victorian West from the era when the building was built in 1939.”

Wine and beer by the glass and bottle will be sold on-site. The space will also include a small kombucha brewery, which will produce 150 cases per year.

For Zoom info: Sonoma-Valley-Citizens-Advisory-Commission/.

Custom furniture, art, and accessories.Photo by Brandon Sparks