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Crime Watch

February 15, 2021 – The following are some of the recent calls from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area responded to by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley Substation.

Jan. 10 A caller from the 13000 block of Arnold Dr. reported that someone tried to open her mailbox and damaged it. The caller was checking for possible theft of mail.

Jan. 10 A resident of Buckeye Rd. called to report that someone parked nearby was continuously honking the horn of their vehicle. The caller spoke to the person asking him to stop. He refused. The caller was vague when describing the vehicle and declined to leave a name with the sheriff.

Jan. 13 The onsite manager of a winery on the 9000 block of Sonoma Hwy. observed a male person hanging around and asking to borrow a phone. The man then left on foot toward Sonoma. The winery manager expressed concern that the person may have been casing the place for future mischief. A Deputy responded, but was unable to locate the person.

Jan. 17. A man walking his dog on Vintage Ln. heard gunshots and called the Sheriff to intervene and ensure that, if the shots were from target practice at a nearby property, the shooter was practicing safely. A Deputy responded, but couldn’t find the shooter.

Jan. 23 Early in the evening of Jan. 23, a neighbor saw headlights and heard gunshots from the direction of a burn lot on the 2000 block of Lawndale Rd. The neighbor hadn’t heard from or seen the owner of the property since the 2017 fires and did not have the owner’s contact information. A deputy responded and found two men and two vehicles on the property in the midst of target practice. The deputy determined that one of the men was the owner of the property. The deputy advised the two shooters not to discharge firearms after dark.

Jan. 27 A caller reported that a man tried to sell him a bike near Eldridge. The caller suspected that the bike might be stolen and that the seller may have been intoxicated. Nothing further.