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Pets Lifeline Adorable Adoptables

Pets Lifeline Adorable Adoptables


Adult cat adoption fee only $25 through March

Callee and her sister Ashlee came to us when their owner was no longer able to care for them. These gorgeous, fluffy girls are a delight, and are looking for a forever home where they can remain together. It’s clear that they were treated like royalty in their former home and they will be expecting the same treatment in their new one.

Callee came to Pets Lifeline quite overweight, and has done well on her special diet to get her weight down. This is important, as with the extra weight Callee hasn’t been able to groom herself as she should. She enjoys a daily brushing. Her weight loss has been helped along by the discovery that she loves to play fetch! She will chase her little soccer ball across the room and bring it back for another toss. It’s her favorite game and great exercise. Callee also enjoys a good snuggle in the arms of her favorite person. Ashlee is the more reserved of the pair. You must submit a hand for a sniff first, and then she will bow her head and allow petting. She loves being brushed, which is wonderful, as her fur requires daily grooming to keep it from matting. Ashlee does not like to be picked up, but she enjoys being near her human. She has a distinct soft raspy meow and a cute little snore. Both ladies are big fans of boxes and like them in all sizes. They also love sleeping in a sunbeam.

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