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The hunt is on for a replacement for Bob Bales

Kenwood School has embarked on a search for a new Superintendent/Principal and is planning to hire a replacement for the departing Bob Bales in June 2021. Many parents and community members have had a chance to provide input to the recruiting team. But we all know that whoever gets the job, the focus has to be about what is best for the children of Kenwood School and ensuring that they have all the support and tools they need for an enriching education. A couple of Kenwood students were quite clear about what they think a new principal should do in their first 10 days on the job. “He or she should have a party and have cake,” said Reed Gilliland. “They should have a party or give everybody a homework pass,” said big brother Nathan. Excellent ideas. I think these two should be on the hiring committee!

Soccer phenom!

Village Chat correspondent Robin Stoecker ran into proud papa, Mike Rosenbaum, director at VJB Winery, on Sunday morning as he was gearing up for the big game. Not the Superbowl, but the UCLA women’s soccer team season opener. Michaela Rosenbaum, Mike’s daughter, made her freshman debut with the Bruins in a 3-0 victory over Pepperdine. Michaela is a midfielder and lettered all four years while at Montgomery High School. She represented the U.S. on the U-16 Women’s National Team in Germany in 2017. Way to go Michaela! We wish you all the best this season.

Mystery solved!

The Village Chat column of the Feb 1. issue of the Kenwood Press featured a letter from Scotland from Gordon Johnston, who was searching for information about a long lost ancestor.

Kenwood Press reader Andy Peterson tracked down the scoop about old Mr. Halcrow.

“Adam Halcrow was born 28 Mar 1884 in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. He immigrated in 1907 to Chicago and married Agnes Haining 15 April 1909. They had four children, James, Jannette, Douglas and George. They lived in the Kenwood area on the South side of Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is the area where Barack Obama lived. It was named Kenwood by John A Kenniott after his home in Scotland. He built a railway station on 47th Street and named it Kenwood Station in the 1850s. They were still living there 4332 Greenwood Ave at the time of 1940 Census. Adam died in San Mateo, CA 21 July 1968. Agnes died in San Mateo, California, 10 February 1969. Younger brother Peter lived in Chicago also.” It looks like the name of Mr. Johnson’s Kenwood home was inspired by the neighborhood in Chicago not by Kenwood, California.

Michaela RosenbaumPhoto courtesy UCLA

Kenwood house on a hilltop, in Cunningsburgh, Shetland, Scotland. The house was built in the 1920’s with money sent home from Chicago by the Halcrow brothers Peter and Adam for their ageing parents and their siblings.Photo by Gordon Johnston