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Adorable Adoptables

Adorable Adoptables

Are you looking for a whole lotta love?

Are you looking for a whole lotta love? Barney here has 21.75 pounds of it to offer! Yes, that is correct. Every ounce of Barney is longing for a human he can cuddle with and love on all day. Chin and ear scratches are his favorite, and he’ll curl up next to you for snuggle time. Think of him as a weighted blanket — he’ll bring you comfort and keep you warm!

While Barney is the most loving and loveable cat ever, he also needs to lose some serious weight. He’s on a diet, and with careful exercise, his weight loss journey has begun (he’s already shed 1 pound)! Barney isn’t too fond of other cats; humans are more his forte. If you are looking for a cat that will adore you, look no further than Barney!

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