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Publishers’ Corner

Publishers’ Corner


In our fourth round of publishing the Kenwood Press, we’re starting to notice a pattern in the process. “Layout day”, which actually lasts for two days, is when we take the edited stories and photos and place them in the newspaper. It’s actually fun to see it all come together. The process starts with choosing the front-page articles and photo, picking the color for the masthead and placing a few stories. Around hour four in the process, we start congratulating each other on how well the process is going and how much fun we’re having. This is the point where we start worrying that we have too much content, but that is a great problem to have.

At about hour six, we realize that actually, we don’t have enough content. Panic sets in. Around hour 10, we’ve found enough news to fill out the paper and after a couple of SOS calls to Jay Gamel. It all comes together.

We’re really excited about the content in the March 1, issue. We have a new column “Journey to Harvest – and beyond” by Squire Fridell. The column is an homage and sequel to the wonderful “Journey to Harvest” columns the late George McLeod used to write for the KP. “Journey to Harvest – and beyond” will give a first-hand account on wine making and grape growing in the Sonoma Valley. We also have the first submission of another new column by the GE Historical Society “Digging our roots” that will explore the rich history of Glen Ellen. The first column is about the cannon that sits on Arnold Drive in front of the Jack London Lodge. How did it get there? The Glen Ellen Historical Society has all the answers on page 3. Don’t forget to send us news for the “Village Chat” column. If you have news on births, graduations, cute photos of you with your dog, anyone reading the Kenwood Press at an exotic location (the bar to qualify as exotic is pretty low right now), birthdays, anniversaries, be sure to share them at [email protected]

-Melissa and Paul