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Les Pascals turns 3

A master of artisan bread, pastries, quiches, and yummy baked goods of all types, Pascal Merle is serious about sourcing local ingredients and transforming them into culinary delights in the French tradition.

Merle and his wife, Pascale (with an “e”), are celebrating the third anniversary of their Glen Ellen bakery, Les Pascals. It has not been an easy journey for the dedicated couple, who have weathered fires, blackouts, and now a pandemic (just like the rest of us, but with way more perishable ingredients). On March 10, three years ago, the plans were proofed and the mission began in earnest to make as much dough as possible. Locals and tourists alike responded. “The community has been very kind to us. People recognize us when we are out and they wave and say hi. All of my family are happy here,” says Merle.

Pascal and Pascale are commemorating the milestone with a new pastry called the “P& P,” which features coconut and a delicious custard that is neither too sweet nor too heavy. “This is a good summer pastry. It is nice and light,” says Pascal.

After three years of adapting French recipes to local ingredients that aren’t always consistent, Pascal has it dialed in. “The flour, the water, really all of my ingredients change a little bit from order to order because they are locally produced. I have to change the recipes to make them right. Sometimes a little more of this, sometimes less of that. That is where years of experience come in.”

Les Pascals is located at 13758 Arnold Dr. in Glen Ellen. Their phone number is (707) 934-8378 and their website is

By Paul Goguen