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Glen Ellen Firefighters Association dissolves

Dear Editor, Last year, in connection with the combination of the fire departments and service areas of Sonoma, Valley of the Moon, Mayacamas and Glen Ellen, the Glen Ellen Firefighters Association opted to terminate its nonprofit status and dissolve. The reasons for this were that all of the volunteers and firefighters of the Glen Ellen Fire Protection District were released from the Glen Ellen Association in order to join the larger combined Sonoma Volunteer Firefighters’ Association (SVFA). Since the by-laws of the Glen Ellen Association limited membership to the volunteers and employees of the district and because the Glen Ellen Fire District no longer had a separate existence it seemed to the members that continued existence of the Glen Ellen Association would simply duplicate the mission of the SVFA. As a long-time Glen Ellen Volunteer and the association’s officer in charge of donations I wanted to say a special and heartfelt thanks to the Glen Ellen community for your kindness and generous support. The firefighters of the SVFA, including all of the Glen Ellen volunteers, are now the people who will answer your calls and serve you with the same dedication and pride that has always existed in Glen Ellen. It is my sincere hope that you will extend to the SVFA the same kind support that you showed to the Glen Ellen Firefighters Association. Once COVID is behind us the SVFA has committed to resuming the Glen Ellen firefighters’ events and I hope to see you there.

Peter Van Fleet