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No applications for vacant Kenwood Fire Department board seat

If no one is volunteers, county could appoint a successor to late director

No one has applied for the Kenwood Fire Protection District board member position that opened up with the passing of Jim Kempers on Jan. 29. The district has until April 29 to make an appointment before the job reverts to the county’s supervisors under state rules covering special districts, including the KFPD.

Chief Daren Bellach explained the situation at the district’s monthly board meeting on Tuesday, March 9, and suggested that former applicants be contacted and asked if they would consider joining the board. Several people applied to fill two new seats in KFD Board – continued from page 3

an expanded board in 2018. Until then, KFPD was the only fire district in Sonoma County to have only three board members. The growing demands of operating a modern fire district in the face of climate change and recent wildfires prompted the expansion.

The new member will join with August Moretti (chair), Dennis MacIntosh, John Coopers and Daymon Doss to oversee the 17-person fire unit’s financial and professional obligations.

While the public deadline to apply for the appointment passed on Feb. 25, the board can make its own selection in the absence of applicants. If they fail to do that, the power to appoint passes to the county under California Government Code §1779.

Bellach said he would call for a special board meeting if candidates are found for the opening. Whoever is appointed will have to stand for election in 2022, even though Kempers was elected to a four-year term in Nov. 2020, according to the state’s election laws.