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Oakmont burglaries rattle residents

By Jim Brewer

Home invasions have increased markedly around the Bay Area and the nation, a trend that became more than mere statistics in Oakmont last month following four daylight burglaries that stunned the community.

Police spokesman Chris Mahurin said two houses were entered Feb. 7 on Fairfield Drive and Autumn Leaf Drive, and two others Feb. 19 on Valley Oaks Circle and Oak Leaf Place. He said unlocked doors in some cases appeared to allow easy entry. Cash and jewelry were among items taken from the homes. One man was arrested March 3 following a traffic stop. Stolen property from at least one of the burglaries was located in his vehicle. The investigation is continuing. Meanwhile, authorities and residents are urging Oakmonters to be vigilant.

“We can all sleep a little better tonight,” one of the victims wrote on the Nextdoor social media site. “The Police called to let us know that some of our stolen items were retrieved… Stay safe.”

Mahurin said residents will likely notice an increase in police patrols around Oakmont during daylight hours, but he urged residents to be sure to lock all doors whenever they leave home — even for a short time. OVA president Tom Kendrick said that, like in all communities, there is a threat of break-ins — particularly now that many people are out of work due to the COVID pandemic. “It is incumbent on all of us to be sure our doors are locked so problems like this can be kept to a minimum,” said Kendrick.