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Time Capsule Kids

Time Capsule Kids

By BJ Blanchard and Teresa Murphy

Seven energetic kids from the tightknit little neighborhood of Riddle Road, along the creek, got excited about history recently.

One day in mid-February, nine-year-old Oliver Howell was playing around with his metal detector when — “Ping!” — the alarm went off. He had discovered a buried penny. Much excitement ensued as he shared this discovery with his pals.

Neighbor Teresa Murphy, a long-time member of the Glen Ellen Historical Society who was hanging out with the kids, said, “That’s pretty cool. Wouldn’t it be fun to bury something for people to dig up years from now, showing them how things are today?” That’s all it took for Mae Morgan, 8, Oliver Howell, 9, Lucy Howell, 7, Sam Morgan, 6, Isabella Howell, 7, Lucas Harrah, 4, and Logan Harrah, 2, to get inspired. They decided then and there to make a time capsule. Without any instruction from grown-ups, they organized themselves. Oliver raced to ask his mother for a plastic box, and she provided a sturdy Tupperware container with a tightfitting lid. The kids took photos of their houses at 101 Riddle Road, 103 Riddle Road, etc. with their Christmas cameras, and solemnly tucked them into the Tupperware time capsule. Off they went to find just the right secret place to bury it, described by them as “in a ditch with lots of dirt and rocks.”

Then they produced a paper map and presented it to Teresa. Inside was a map of “Ridl Rd,” and inscribed on the outside of the rolled-up map were the words: “Do not open for 100 years.”

Interestingly, the vigilant parents of Riddle Road have organized their young into their own “safety pod,” so masks are not required when playing with their trusted besties.

Young Isabella had such a great time making the time capsule, she was thinking about making another one … “to open in two days!”

Who said kids aren’t learning anything during our COVID winter?

Time Capsule Kids of Riddle Road: Mae Morgan, 8, Logan Harrah, 2, Lucas Harrah, 4, Oliver Howell, 9, with his metal detector, Isabella Harrah, 7, Sam Morgan, 6; and Lucy Howell, 7.Photo Credit: Teresa Murphy