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Village Chat

Village Chat

Dog Walker Beth Brannock

By Bridget Paul

“Ohhh, who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood…”

Many remember that great ditty from “Sesame Street” years ago, and when I brought it up in conversation with wondering villagers, many started singing it too! I loved it. I will be doing various Village Chats about some of the wonderful people in your neighborhood, starting with: Beth Brannock is the dog walker you can always see walking down the street with at least two dogs. A longtime dog lover, she says, “They exemplify loyalty, live in the moment, don’t argue, and appreciate attention and inclusion. They are comforting to cuddle, too.” She has about nine families whose dogs she walks once or twice a week, and when the world “resumes” many will see her more often with various dogs. However, her experience with the animals goes beyond the five miles a day mapped out on her GPS.

Beth grew up with pets in her home in the East Bay. She has fond memories of coming home from work to find her brother, a 6-foot-plus-tall basketball player, rolling on the ground with her dog Muf- fin, making cute talk and playing. “Dogs bring out the best in us. They teach us to live in the moment, play with others, respect others, and [demonstrate] true loyalty,” she says.

Beth wasn’t always a dog walker; she has experience in the corporate world of KMart, Blue Cross, Twin Hill, and more. Later in life, when the corporate world was less appealing, she got a pup from “Leader Dogs for the Blind” as a “raiser.” As she moved to a new place and started a new job, Beth knew that a companion would offer that love and loyalty, and “give a darn about me when I come home.” During this experience, Beth learned how to train dogs at an impressive level. She continued digging deeper into K-9 culture, even as she moved from southern California to Michigan, then back to California by the late 1990s. She volunteered with the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) for more than 10 years, in addition to working with the ASPCA, CCI, Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, Big Dog Rescue, and Compassion Without Borders, where she still volunteers.

Beth bought her house in the village in 2007 and moved to Kenwood full-time in 2010. Besides her vast experience and love of animals, especially dogs, Beth got into dog walking because, “I was concerned I would revert to my 30s when I had days off: eating and watching TV parked on the couch! I knew I loved dogs and loved the volunteer time I had spent my first three years in Kenwood as a dog walker for CCI and Big Dog Rescue in Penngrove. So I took up dog walking as a part-time retirement job to give me exercise, structure, and hours of joy with dog pals.” And while she may (or may not) be able to take on new dogs to care for or walk, you can always ask.

My last (and favorite) question for Beth: “If you had a magic power, what would it be?” Beth took the longest to answer this one before finally responding, “The only thing that comes to mind is to magically help others appreciate what they have (the ability to think, make choices, respect all other beings on the planet).”

Thanks Beth! We meet amazing people each day, right here in the ‘Wood!