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CALFIRE home safety inspections coming up

Winter rains, even though light, along with recent warm sunshine have fueled vegetation growth. With fire season is fast approaching, if vegetation is not managed, it can create hazardous conditions encouraging wildfire. Defensible Space Inspectors (DSIs) from the Sonoma-Lake-Napa CALFIRE unit will begin visiting homes in severe wildfire-prone areas this Spring. State law requires California residents living in designated State Responsibility Areas to provide and maintain a defensible space of 100 feet (minimum) around all structures. All residents of Kenwood, Glen Ellen and most of the Sonoma Valley are covered by the rules. The DSIs will talk to residents and answer questions on how to keep homes safe. Homeowners can substantially increase the chance of their home surviving a wildland fire by following fire-safe practices, keeping a defensible space by removing dead trees, brush, cutting grass and trimming trees 6 to 15 feet off the ground, and other steps. For additional information, visit