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Oakmont Sunday Symposium Broadcast Series

“Aging into the Future with Gusto”: John Newman, MD, of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging — April 11, 10:30 a.m. via Zoom

We are all getting older — this presentation could help us do it better. Dr. Newman studies the causes of aging down to the cellular and molecular level. Among the things his lab studies are ketones, the current diet technique of eating to encourage ketosis so you burn fat for energy. Dr. Newman will tell us about that process as well as other important ways to add years without adding pain.

Dr. Newman is an assistant professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and in the Division of Geriatrics at UCSF. His research focuses on how metabolic molecules regulate aging mechanisms that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and delirium. His clinical work focuses on preventing delirium and disability in hospitalized older adults.

There will not be a Sunday Symposium on April 4, Easter Sunday.

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