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Out like a lion, grin like a lamb

Out like a lion, grin like a lamb

Meet Wally the Wooly Weeder, one of the cutest additions to Beltane Ranch’s regenerative farming program

Wally was the second twin born to a Southdown Babydoll sheep on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, when sheep give birth to twins, the second twin is rejected by the mother. Luckily for Wally, Alex Benward and Kelly Koeberer stepped in to adopt him, bottle feed him, and give him tons of love.

Wally and the rest of the herd at Beltane don’t just stand around looking adorable. As a key part of Beltane Ranch’s regenerative farming program, the grazing animals feed on cover crops, invasive weeds, and native grasses, and help enhance soils, sequester carbon, control fire fuels, and encourage biodiversity. If you’d like to stop by to visit Wally and enjoy all the beauty of this small family farm, historic landmark, and vineyard, you can book an introductory farm tour, meet the animals, and enjoy fine wine and food. Contact the Beltane Ranch at 833-4233 or visit

— Robin Stoecker