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Crime Watch

April 15, 2021 – The following are some of the recent calls from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area responded to by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley Substation.

Feb. 17 A customer of a business on Sonoma Hwy. and Aurora Ln. paid for a purchase with a check. The check was returned for insufficient funds, and the bank advised the business owner to call the Sheriff. The responding deputy determined that it was an unintentional mistake and put the parties in touch with one another to resolve the issue.

March 5 A resident in the neighborhood of Jerri Dr., Sylvia Dr., and Bonnie Way reported hearing four to five shots. A second caller reported the same. The caller stated that there was a cannabis farm in the vicinity of the shots fired and that there had recently been a burglary at that location. A Deputy responded and found no evidence of a shooting.

March 9 A property owner of a vacation home at Mervin and Kenilworth Aves. reported that their security camera spotted four to six large males wearing baseball hats wandering around the property and breaking into the house through windows. The property owner also spotted suitcases nearby. The homeowner spoke with the males through the security camera, and they responded that they had rented the house through Vrbo. The owner responded that the house was not a vacation rental and was too small for six men. A Deputy responded and reported that nothing looked like it had been disturbed.

March 11 A caller in the area of Channing Row and Warm Springs Rd. reported that someone in a parked white sedan appeared to be selling drugs. The caller stated that other vehicles had been making brief stops near the vehicle. Nothing further.

March 13 A caller reported that an adult male was approaching people in an aggressive manner in the area of Adobe Canyon Rd. and Meadow Rd. The man was driving around and occasionally stopping to rant at people. Deputies responded but could not locate the ranting man.

March 13 An employee at a business near Clyde Ave. and Mission Dr. reported that a female patron who had several weeks prior been asked to leave the establishment and not return, was at the business trying to order a drink. The employee asked the woman to leave. A male associate of the woman returned and addressed the employee with profane language and asked him if he wanted to fight. The employee declined. Deputies responded shortly afterward and confirmed that the female patron and her associate had left. According to reports, the man later returned and implied that the woman had put him up to it and later sent in a proxy to order a drink for her.

March 16 A caller near Sonoma Hwy. and Hoff Rd. reported that two goats had been mauled to death and was unsure who or what did it. The Sheriff referred the caller to animal control.